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changing parenting orders and payments but won't do either formally

new to here but here it goes

have had parenting orders - magistrates court qld 2006 and a binding child support agency agreement also 2006.

 Now other parent wants to change to week about for all 3 kids but is unwilling to do new orders nor go through csa (when binding agreement signed his last taxable income was for 25% of what he ended up signing the agreement for - ie tax income was about $3500 (how does one survive??? - but signed binding agreement in 2006 for $210 per week  (ie agreed to pay nearly $11000 per year in binding agreement) - it has increased by CPI every 6 mths)

I need to report change of circumstances when they start to centrelink to allow for change to FTA and FTB - and also to CSA …. what's going to happen if other party won't come to the table???
Depends on how C$A treat the binding agreement. Who will be worst or better off as a result of the changes?
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