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Can some one else sign for papers served on me?

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Hi Guys & Gals

I'm back on the horse and the round-a-bout.

Been on phone with ex tonight, who responded to a question that the information i was chasing was with the papers I had been served yesterday.

Me: "what papers?"
Ex : "the ones served at work"
Me: "i've not been at work the last few days"
Ex: "Well, <name removed> signed for them"
Me "They need to be served on me directly"
Ex: "no, any one can sign for them."

So, can someone else accept papers served on me?

I guess if i had a lawyer/solicitor etc, they could be served, but can someone who i haven't met at my work sign for them? (we have a fair turnover of staff at work and i don't get introduced to all of them)

I found this on the federal court site
How do I get my documents to the other party?

Once the documents have been filed the copies will be returned to you. You must then serve a copy of the documents on each respondent by:

  personally delivering the documents to the person; or

  arranging for someone else to personally deliver the documents to the person.

This is called personal service. Personal service is necessary as you may need to prove to the Court that the respondent received the documents.

You must do this at least 5 days before the date of the directions hearing.

Sending documents in the mail is not personal service.
<end snip>


Ok the documents were not served correctly, I would contact the person who signed for them and get them from them. 

 In short contact the person who signed for the documents to get them, the court has little patience for service games.  I once served documents upon the respondent solicitor and received a letter 1 day before the hearing to tell me they were not accepting the documents as they required special service even though I served them a month before hand.   I have no doubt the court would have said I did anything wrong as their address was listed as address for service.   

If you are able to talk with your ex on the phone than if possible have them email the documents to you and then acknowledge receipt of the documents.    I like to use a company called and send my documents via their system, they are able to insert code into the pdf and I know each time the pdf is open and Im provided with a digital certificate of the IP address and time the document is opened.  (while I don't know it was the ex that opened if you can have a fair idea)  I never send a word document to the ICL or other side and convert everything to PDF.  There are many programs (many being free) out there that will allow you to create a word document to a PDF.  
and it sucks that she can do the wrong thing and yet if i try to pull her up on it, I am the bad guy.

yet another reinforcement that the father is screwed in the courts.
Greyman- have a look at the table of Family Law Rules 2004, and scroll down to Chapter 7. It is the court's provisions on "Service".

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