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Brother and sister sharing bedroom

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Can sibling of opposite sex share a room?

Are there any current Australian laws on whether sibling of opposite sex can share a bedroom at any age. If so, I would like details.
On the face of it, there would be no issue, age of children would obviously be relevant. There are no laws per se.

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As previously stated there are no laws per se. Do you have any Orders in place? I have orders that say each child must have their own bed. Nothing about actual sleeping arrangements other than that.
I'm going to have to base my response on logic alone on this one.  If taking into account the affordability of housing for separated individuals and "intact" families with children alike, I would have to assume that the ability of all individuals to provide a separate bedroom (or sleeping area) for all children of opposite sexes would not always be economically viable.  As such I would further assume that given the propensity of many separated households (also applies to many others who are not separated) to have limited "playable" income at their disposal (whether lives with parent or not) that to impose laws that would discriminate against a persons financial position to this extreme (think about it…what happens in refugee households, families with 5 or more children - which was once very common etc etc) simply could not happen.

Requesting or seeking Orders which includes that each child must have a separate bed, such as roosters_64, is a great compromise on a subject area which can quite easily be controversial depending on individual view points.         

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There is no specific law

And one judge commented to a parent who was opposing siblings sharing a room (The children had just been ordered to "live with" the other parent)

"If you had given him a share of the money from the sale of the home he would have been able to afford a bigger house!"

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