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Boy & Girl live with motherand have been evected, also demestic violance order

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  I have a 2 yea rold son and a 7 year old daughter.

as iv been evicted i may need to move into  2 bedroom accomidation

 what are the rules on them sharinga room?/

 or which child is better to share with there mother??
Children can share a room and either child could also be with you.
They are both reasonably young and the different sexes should not pose an issue at such a young age.
If worried do not have them change clothes at the same time.
I find it hard to believe that rules exist. However, I have heard of it in housing commission when decisions are being made about the size of the premises to be offered, and some refuges also have their own rules.

A two year old and a seven year old. Take whatever you can afford, even a one bedroom. Throw in a few beds. As for changing them seperately and away from each other, that is just stupid at this age group. If you did that you would be more likely to disturb the children in the long run. Nakedness between children at this age is natural and the kids won't even notice. Personally, I couldn't careless in this age group if there were five little kids in the  one bedroom with the parent, I would rather they have a roof over their heads.

Are their any rules?

In a two bedder, I would put both the two kids together for company w each other until they are older.
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