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birthday 2

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part 2 of previous post

My two daughters came back into my care this week as per the new orders.

I discovered from them that their ski trip had been to new Zealand

While I was happy that they had a good time, I was also peeved that they had left the country without my knowledge. Is this   not also a contravention of the orders?

I have still received no communication from the mother.

It might seem like nitpicking but I know the mothers style and I need to have this on record,as I'm sure she will continue this kind of behaviour.
It's only a contravention of the orders if international travel is specifically listed within your orders.

Did they already have passports?

I really think you need to organise mediation to sort these issues out.

birthday 3

the mother will only attend mediation if compelled to and only then to get a certificate.

My daughter was away for her birthday when I had expected to see her (as the orders stipulated)

The following is an excerpt from the orders clearly stated that I should have been informed

A minimum of 28 days notice is to be provided to the other party of any overseas travel for the children and a copy of the itinerary and travel details for the children must be provided to the other party within 48 hours of such travel and if the travel plans or itinerary change the other party is to be notified of such changes within 24 hours

Thanks for your opinion
Well, if she's breached repeatedly and she won't attend mediation, I can't see that you have much of an option other than to file for contravention :(
Go for the Contravention order, and also just keep a diary for solely recording all the action's, inaction's, conversations and anything else associated with whats happening.
Go for a contravention. If you do nothing it will keep happening & you'll go mad.

She will need to produce the proof that she contacted you outside the 28 days.

Once you have filed be ready for the children's heads to be filled with further propaganda from the other side.

As for the birthday remember that all family law is about the rights of the child, not yours. It is the childs right to spend part of her birthday with you, not your right to see her. Birthdays come & go - if the child is not making a big deal about it then there's no point in you doing so. You are no more or less their father on their their birthday than any other day so celebrate every day.

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Thank all for the feedback
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