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Between A Rock And A Hard Place

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Grandparents issue

This Question is about My children s Grandparents whom is my mother and father.
My Mother has a untreated mental health issue brought on by a long period of mental abuse from my younger brother. He is a 16 year old boy that through his abuse has turned my parents into abusers and aimed all there aggression towards me and my partner whom they dislike greatly, I have noticed my mothers condition getting worse over the past few months and because I have recommended she see someone I have received numerous amounts of abuse in person over the phone through sms and even as far as the internet. I have 4 children to a past relationship whom I share %50 custody with there birth mother, I as there father do not want my children having any contact with there grandparents until some sort of psychiatric testing is done as I can not trust the well being of my children with them,

Were Do I Stand ?

I want to protect my children from possible harm , my eldest daughter is 13 and her uncle my brother is 16 that is allowed to have marijuana and alcohol and have his 15 year old girl friend living with him all on my mother my children s grandmothers approval , I feel it is unsafe for my children to be with there grand parents unsupervised.

Thats the short of the story but I hope someone out there can give me some advice on so little information.
Why not visit your parents WITH your children and remain present at all times? That way if things turn ugly you can leave at any time, you are still promoting a relationship with the family.

If not comfortable visiting in the home arrange to visit at other places, trips to the zoo, movies, lunch in the park etc etc. That also has the added advantage of them being "forced to behave in public" if that is an issue, is enjoyable for the children and creates good memories.

Also if you have alternatice child care arrangements made there is no need to ever leave your children there.

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