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Best financial lawyer in Perth?

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Guys maybe I can't ask this on this forum, but who is considered the best/toughest family court lawyer in Perth on the financial side. My wife's lawyers are hopeless on the financials I represented myself at the conference and spent a lot of time correcting their basic errors (I work in the financial sector). There are a few million dollars involved and I would settle at 50/50 but they are basically trying to get a lot more. I did have a lawyer initially, but decided in the children's issues that it is actually best to represent yourself and so far this has worked ok. My old lawyer just does not seem to be willing to stoop as low as the other side, or play as hard ball, but he was very good at playing "lawyer to lawyer tennis".

Please only advise people who are known to be the best.

Thanks and regards,

You might consider searching WA judgements on Austlii. Maybe "million" and "financial" as the keywords.
Otherwise ask a Family Law Specialists office who is the most expensive in town.
Here on the East coast the best cost $7,000 per day plus GST. You also pay for them to read your documents and the other sides.
Many barristers insist on having a solicitor to hold their hand. They cost from $350 to $450 per hour.
An unfinished case recently published stated that the legal costs were up to $10.24 million, and that matter is yet to get to trial.
If you can negotiate a resolution that's the best route. The smart ones minimalise how much goes to the legal industry.

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You may also want to have a look at the WA Bar Association Website.

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