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Awaiting final judgement, protracted bitter property settlement

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Hello all.

As I am still smarting after a three year property battle, I found this site as I am still looking for answers to understand why there are such significant flaws in the system.

- Ex made false AVO complaint, the police saw through the sham and refused to prosecute but her lawyer used the allegation to deny me access to my house and property.

- Ex was living with another guy, yet drew pension while I forked out $25K annual on spousal support ordered by court even though I was out of work

- Opposing legal team made outrageous discovery claims, often a few days before hearings

- Rules of evidence do not seem to exist.

I was one of the lucky ones, my kids had grown up and supported me right down the line, but after going through the mill, feel damned. The courts seem to encourage vindictive behaviour, had a couple of caring FM's in Sydney, but one real shocker. This system badly in need of an overhaul.
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