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AVO going to mediation

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My ex partner filed for an AVO against my current partner for a fictitious encounter. We got some legal advice and went to the court mention in our "Sunday best" prepared to argue against the AVO and against an interim leading up to the hearing feeling pretty confident as my ex had no real case, no evidence and it was obviously vexatious. My ex used a solicitor who turned up, looked at my beautifully presented GF (who looked like a SUnday school teacher) and I (who was also well presented) and took my ex away around a corner. We got called into court and went and sat to wait, then the solicitor came into court and offered that it go to mediation at a CJC rather than have the mention. I'm guessing (since my ex looks like a big thug) that considering the flimsy content of the case and the obvious discrepancy between the parties that he didn't like his chances. My partner has agreed to go to CJC for the mediation.

When the judge asked whether they wanted an interim AVO he said no. My question is - from this point on are we pretty much guaranteed that the AVO application will be withdrawn? Surely it's hard to prove that you're scared if you didn't even want an interim?
This AVO matter appears over. However, there is nothing to stop her trying it on again. You need to be very careful in your dealings with her.

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