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My ex wife and I had a dispute over a judge's order for college tuition payment in a Rockland County, New York famaily court. She file a violation of support order. The fustrated judge told us to settle it outside of court and if we could not we must appear on 4/14/10. This is for my son who will be 21 on 4/27/10

Her lawyer and my lawyer hashed out a deal, monies was paid to her (she accepted the money) and a stipulation was entered into court to discontinue the proceedings. This was about 2 months ago. Today she wrote the court and stated she no longer agrees with her lawyer and ask for the proceeding to continue again. My lawyer filed for her to return the money. What is the likely outcome of this mess?

P.S The issue (what started this whole mess) was the wording of the order. The order was set for a particular semester and nothing more. The judge stated she would have to refile for a new order. Ex can't take no for an answer.
We generally are not well informed about the specific detail of USA Child Support Law but all I can say is good luck getting it back and I think you will find a sympathetic judge when you get back to court. It also shows the importance and care needing to be taken in creating specific orders.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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