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Adult children and divorce

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I was wondering if anyone knows if children 18yrs or older whose parents are about to divorce, get a say/consideration in the whole matter? In a legal respect? I know kids under 18 get the full works.

For example, my parents have been separated since I was 13, I'm now 22 and they are deciding to divorce. Don't I get a say what happened and what I think, or consideration on my behalf as how I was treated by each parent? I have spent more years as a minor in the separated state with my parents then I have spent as an 'adult'.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Even as a child there is no opportunity to be a party to a matter between a husband and wife.

Only in unique situations might a child be a 'third party'. Should you be mentally disabled you might have cause to be a party.

The better role to play is to assist in resolving any issues rather than causing an intensification between parties.

Finality is what all parties really need and seek.

You as the offspring have your right to be with the parent you prefer. That is more significant to a party in the long term than any short term legal arrangement/proceeding.

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