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Admin question

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I have read the rules and info about forums and posting.

I cant seem to find a general admin area to post.

My question is, I have started a topic that is now locked. Just wanting to know if I did something or is there something wrong with my post?

As for the general public viewing, is there a forum that is private for members, or where posts can be more detailed?


I don't believe that and of your posts are locked, I think the barrier you have hit is one that limits posting to one post per person in a topic until someone else posts in that topic. This being an anti spam measure.
Ok thanks MikeT.

Where do I go to a members area to post privately?

private area

Go to the Self Rep litagant area:

If the link works this is it:
Fiorelli said
I cant seem to find a general admin area to post.
Start in the new user forums or go Through the many forums to find a category that suits the post topic.

You will not be able to post in any group member forums as you have not joined any groups. You can post in public forums. To post something privately you a whisper in line or a new personal topic with a  specific member.

In respect to the 'locked post' I will do a search and see which topic you are referring to.

Site Director

Fiorelli please provide details of the post troubling you

Hi OneRingRules and Fiorelli.

It would be more profitable if Fiorelli found the post/thread that is causing him trouble and report the name and URL here, in this thread.

This would save you a lot of time having to chase your tail trying to find an unnamed and unknown post.

We can only help to the degree that questioners are clear and specific.
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