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26 NOV 2009-Investigation into VIC DHS by VC Ombudsman

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report of its own motion-VIC Ombudsman

Victoria Ombudsman reports the dept of Human Services Victoria cannot be relied upon, are often inaccurate, not thoroughly investigating, not complying with legislation, etc..  His office was asked following the Nov 26 release, if they would forward a copy to all Judcial members of Chldrens Ct, County Ct, Supreme Ct, Family law Courts etc., in order that the Judciary each have a personal hardcopy to remind them that they need to be sharp, aware, sceptical and cautious when recieving evidence from the State Dept for chld welfare.

They (DHS) can also affect intervention orders.

 Whether or not the Ombudman/Govt will warn the Judicary formally is yet to be seen.. I am not sure about one part of the report relating to considerng changes to the child welfare(childrens court) Judicairy, perhaps certain changes may take the hearng to an informal but less rigourously tested spotlight, and perhaps away from the public eye. I have not yet read all of the report, just skimmed thru.

Hopefully, one who was concerned about a family report or Dept Human Services report may be able to use the report to point out that it can be unfair to consider the input of the dept of Human Services as safe. They need checking.
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