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207 or 207B South Australia drop charges

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need some help here

Basically my wife charged me with domestic violence, she has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and in my numberous dealings with police I have said a number of times I am not at fault and she has a mental health problem. Did they listen no!!

Well now she is on medication she wants to drop the charges. I was advised a 207 form was the way to go and told her.

Now police want to know how she knew about this form and think I am trying to force her to drop the charges! They want to bust me again???

I have bail not to see her or talk to her but we live as husband and wife??? her choice! I have had huge problems with whats been happening and I fear arrest every day!

I know she now has a mental problem but do the police! I am sure they do not otherwise they would wonder about things surely?

What website I can find none explains the 207 or 207b for so she can show police and get them off our backs about this! Please help

I have in the past 9 months seen how easy it is to get into trouble with domestic violence even if you have done nothing. It was allways a subject I had firm beleifs about in the past! I assumed that men charged are at all time guilty and should go to jail for it. I now see how easy and how things can be manipularted to make a man look like a wife basher when he simply is not. It is wrong and needs to be addresed. My wife has had much help from the government and welfare people but I am offered nothing but the mens help line. No help to address my anxiety or depression. I was basicaly left in the cold and shunned as a wife beater.

Its not good and should be looked at.
I hope you can provide me with some help with the police form and what sites to look at.

I will post my story later in the hope to help maybe one unfortunate person
Its highly unlikley (unless a private ADVO) that your wife charged you. The Police will have charged you and served papers.

If you think its problematic now wait until we see the new report that has just been completed by the ALRC (Australian Law Reform Commission).

The ADVO process was originally designed to deal with domestic violence but it seems to have been extended to include a vast range of things that were never initially considered. The Police have the task of implementing the legislation which is different in every state. I am not familiar with SA legislation and or Police rules so hopefully someone from SA may contribute.

There must be some substance in an allegation that has prompted the Police to take action. I am not sure how you can possibly be in the same living arrangements when you have one party taking matters (Through the Police) to a hearing.

If you have advice from a medical professional you may be able to present that to Police or more likely the court because once these things start my experience is that the Police let the courts decide the outcome… One thing for sure is that you need to be very careful every day that you do not do anything that will aggravate the situation.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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