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Information from the Senior Moderator

 The site encourages 'robust' comment via postings about all issues relating to and around Family Law, Children and separated parents and Child Support issues

If you veer outside of acceptable boundaries (site rules and common courtesy) you can expect your posts to be edited (or transferred to the quarantine area for my perusal) or face the 'wrath' of other posters or site moderators

If your post goes off topic it will likely be transferred to another forum, if it deviates widely off topic and does not relate to the sites activities it will probably be deleted

Please remember the site provides the facility for you to interact 'privately' with another member or even create a 'mini' group. If you wish to thank somebody or make a confidential suggestion - use the inline 'whisper' function. This is encouraged to provide more 'one to one' private contact via the site. Later when the site introduces VOIP you will have the facility to speak to them.

One liner posts or 'chat board' responses are generally not considered acceptable. In general posts 'should be of interest to a majority of readers'

A repeated reminder, the public sections of this site are indexed by the major search engines so you should refrain from identifying yourself or your partner. Where you may need to post personal details you should join a closed member group which is not public and cannot be scanned by search engines

If anyone has any questions about posting policy or site rules please contact me

 Senior Site Moderator and Administrator

Legal Options

Several posters have started making suggestions for legal options via the telephone or directly emailing a site member without knowing or understanding the case in question or having any legal expertise. In several cases these suggestions have been incorrect to the point of causing extreme harm to the case.

It is recommended that if you are asking for (or receive) legal options that you check the posters credentials very carefully

 Senior Site Moderator and Administrator

Before you Post - READ

Before posting please read the 'Information' section - the 'i' icon on the front page, particularly the Site Rules and FAQs

Before posting you should also check the site's main areas, particularly WEB Guide, to see if any of your questions may have already been answered

Likewise please check the public forum areas and the topics in those areas to ensure you 'try' to post into an appropriate area. Please use the SEARCH function in the Forums located at the bottom of every forum.

 Senior Site Moderator and Administrator

SITE USERS - Navigation Document

For new (and existing) site users - please read this site navigation document:



 Senior Site Moderator and Administrator

One Liner and Chat Room Type Posts

One liner posts or 'chat board' responses are generally not considered acceptable. In general posts 'should be of interest to a majority of readers' (Site Policy)

This topic was first addressed on 9th February and it appears that a small number of posters are more intent on reading what 'they' write rather than what a moderator writes.

As a guide only:

1.   If a post is general 'chat'
2.   If a post makes no sense 'in isolation' (example, when read as an email notification)
3.   Could be better answered by an inline whisper
4.   Contains less than 20-25 words (unless succinct and adds to the topic)
5.   A poster appears to be creating a large number of very short posts to drive up their FLWG posting points

The post is very likely to be deleted

Temporary Exceptions
General Chat Posts in the Venting Area (Hyde Park Corner) providing 2 to 5 above are considered.

Other Exceptions
Some workers are providing 10 - 30 per hours per week of their time helping with site developments which means they have less 'posting' time.

 Senior Site Moderator and Administrator


The past few weeks I have been receiving complaints about one poster's perceived extreme bias against females per se.

The first five complaints came from males and were then followed by two from females. It is indicative of the very balanced nature of this portal that the initial complaints came from males alleging anti female bias in some postings.

The very nature of this portal means that various individuals will express opinions and the moderator line is often difficult to tread to ensure a lack of gender bias.

As an example one poster, Dad4Life, on occasions expresses strong Men's Rights views, this is acceptable because the poster makes no secret of this but neither does the poster 'attack' the opposite side except when certain movements or individuals 'demonstrate collective bias' and label all men as wife beaters or some other hysterical term.

Attacking or strongly condemning a biased view, such as that 'all' are bad or wrong, is acceptable.  (Dad4Life recognises the difference between a birth group (females) and an ideology (feminism).  His focus is on ideologies, their consequences and those who spread and perpetuate them.)

It is this 'bias', of saying 'all men or women are bad or wrong', or trying to create or inflame this situation by postings, that the site will not tolerate.

If this is seen (or perceived) as a continuing pattern from a particular poster then the posts will either be deleted (not edited) and the posters warned to alter their ways or find another site to peddle their distorted views.

 Senior Site Moderator and Administrator


The site has many forums and sub forums and a 'scroll down' the list will give posters an idea of where to post
IF IN DOUBT - use the Miscellaneous/General Forum

If there is no appropriate topic then create one in the correct forum.

IF IN DOUBT - use the Miscellaneous/General Forum.

If a reply is totally 'off topic' or seeks to 'hijack' or use the original post to create a new sub thread or topic - the post may be moved or deleted (see last paragraph).

On occasions postings may 'creep' away from the intended forum and original topic. Before you post look at the both the forum and the topic you are posting or replying into and consider whether you are in the 'right place'.

Posters in the wrong forums or posting off topic may like to consider that moderators check posts to ensure privacy, Section 121 and other considerations. Only about 5 posts a week are edited with minor corrections to conform to the previous sentence. Over the previous few weeks more than 20 posts a week are being deleted because they are extremely offensive or deviate from site and moderator polices. Consider that a busy moderator may find it easier to use the 'delete' option rather than to spend several minutes editing your post 'heading' and moving it into or creating a sub topic in another forum.

 Senior Site Moderator and Administrator


From mythology he had the task of rolling a stone uphill only to have it roll back down when it was near the top. A never ending (thankless) and fruitless task.

I am the senior moderator on these forums and whatever you wish to call them be they guidelines or directives that I write - they are 'Consensus' views of the site moderators.

As the senior moderator other moderators will occasionally refer posts and posters to me for final arbitration.

Unlike the other moderators I do have the power to send posts from particular posters to quarantine areas, to suspend or even delete site membership.

Posters who deviate from any guidelines should therefore consider that they are in fact ignoring all the site moderators and the senior site moderator.

 Senior Site Moderator and Administrator


Moderators may edit for acceptability and readability and similar which make it easier for people to read posts.  Such changes may include fixing spelling, grammar, punctuation, paragraphs, layout, quotations, upper or lower case, etc.

Moderators may make edits that seek to preserve the good reputation of the FLWG.

If a post does not follow site rules or the governance of collective Group Execs and moderator policies or by its nature will harm the reputation of FLWG - then it may be edited or deleted.

 Senior Site Moderator and Administrator

Clarification of some topics and other information

Post Creep & Inserting Inappropriate Comments

I am starting to see instances of post creep, where a poster starts or responds in a topic and then inserts remarks better left for the Hyde Park Forum topic area.

If you wish to write that such and such is bad, wrong etc. do not assume other readers know what you are writing about, back up your 'statements' with facts rather than hearsay or third party recitals. Or you can add this is a 'personal view' from your perception, otherwise parts of your post may be moved to Hyde Park Corner, or deleted.

Hot Topics

Occasionally an item; be it a newspaper article, conference event et al is likely to provoke comments and responses that could possibly spread over several forum areas on the site. Rather than dilute the response to these items a moderator may create a 'special' topic area (usually in General/Miscellaneous) to concentrate responses in this area for latter transfer to more appropriate areas.

New Members

As a general courtesy posters should understand the portal is more than just a forum and should have read, the site rules and the 'New Users' forum and ascertained whether any questions may have been answered in other forums or in other site material.


As a general courtesy, posters are asked to register on the site rather than post as a 'Guest'. Continual questions from the same 'guest' are not considered acceptable particularly when site registration takes less time than any posts made.

It is very likely that a three 'guest' posts and then registration policy may be introduced. Experience of inappropriate and flame posting has resulted in a wariness of posters who hide behind the anonymity of no contact email address.

"I Think this is Important"

Recently some moderators and site administrators have been receiving what amounts to 'demands' to include an issue that the poster considers personally important.

'Important Issues' are determined by the site admin's, the executives of the various groups, the moderators and the feedback they receive; not by the personal 'demands' of an individual poster.


There have been two posters that have thrown this word around without understanding its correct use on this site.

If a post does not follow site rules or consensus moderation policies and decisions by group executives and moderators, or if by its nature it is likely to hurt or harm the reputation of the Family Law Web Guide, then such a post may be edited or deleted.

There is a difference between censorship and posts that are outside acceptable boundaries.

Posters are expected to abide not just by the letter of the site rules, but also by the 'spirit' (the intent) of the rules and posting policies, with a view to promoting positive and helpful discussion and the good reputation of the Family Law Web Guide site and forum.

'No one has been forced to join this site.'

Last edit: by Sisyphus

 Senior Site Moderator and Administrator



Tag (flag) posts for follow up and Track your virtual forums

The attached files show 2 new site features and how to use the 'tagging system'

Virtual Topics
'Inline Personal Posts'


Virtual Forums
'Recall My Tags'

The tagging (flag) system has been a much requested development. How many times have you read a post and decided to either respond or read it more thoroughly later - only to discover you 'forgot' where it was and what topic or forum it appeared in? As the FLWG forums and topics become even larger and more diverse this navigation aid will help you 'bookmark' posts that you regard as important for your personal follow up.

(Note the tag feature has been tested for several weeks before release -but if you discover any 'bugs' please report them:
'Report Site Bugs and Technical Issues' which is located in the Site Feedback Forum)



 Senior Site Moderator and Administrator

How to get banned

Occasionally we are visited by dogmatic and highly opinionated types.

They find the FLWG and immediately realise they have a very large audience to propagate their strange political views / conspiracy theories / incorrect legal information / religious views / sexist opinions and blast away without any consideration with ideas, statements and strategies that are at total variance with accepted norms in society.

Additionally suggesting silly and ill-conceived strategies that would lead others into making fools of themselves in Court is not only discouraged but not tolerated on this forum.

FLWG and the moderators respect the right of robust comment and discussion but will not allow fools, charlatans, snake oil salesmen and religious zealots to peddle their wares or warped ideology.

 Senior Site Moderator and Administrator


I am looking to discuss a current issue that has occurred. It involves a child protection order, Child removed from my ex partner, Placed in my mothers care.

Please instruct me on where to post these matters.

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