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Site Member Donations - Our Thanks

The Site Admins and developers note the contributors through donations

There are members here who are in dire straights. They look to other members communications with great Anticipation.

They contribute even during the greatest adversity and against a monolithic system that often takes a one sided view and is grossly unfair. With more and more legislation passing in the States, making Domestic Violence and Allegations every day occurrence in the local courts these members are facing an even tougher job in the courts to get a reasonable outcome.

However some of these members still find it in their hearts and pockets to donate financially to the site development. These donations to date have been sizable. They are not $5.00 and $10.00 donations. These are all receipted , banked and will be applied to hosting, VOIP services and general server infrastructures.

All I can say on behalf of the Admins is that we are extraordinarily humbled by the generosity of those who can least afford it. It does give us renewed enthusiasm to continue what is a thankless task of never ending development and work requests.

Special thanks to Monaro on this occasion for the donation :$

Site Director
Is there a postal address for those who wish to donate the old fashion way?

P.O. Box number Etc

Tittle name
D4E said
Is there a postal address for those who wish to donate the old fashion way ???
Development,, PO Box 330, Gosford, NSW 2250. That will get there. Receipts will be issued so please add a return address or email address for a PDF file response. The entity is formally registered.

Site Director
As I'm likely to be paying less CS, and as those who are the driving force behind this site are those who have done so much to make CS fairer, amongst many other achievements, I'd like to make a regular monthly donation from my pay.

Can I be supplied with and account name, number and BSB?
In another post my old sparring mate No Justice said something like
"Conan your derogatory self is still around." Yes very much so - and not so much derogatrory as honest. That's why I think the moderators let many of my posts through, I say what they cannot for diplomatic or other reasons.
Anyway I would like to thank or congratulate No Justice for sticking his hand up with dollars in it. Without me being rude he has put his money where his mouth is. Without the folding stuff this site would not exist.

Now if the Canberra bloke who goes on like a nine bob watch did the same, life could not be better.

Donations to Family Law Web Guide

Our bank account details are now included on the Family Law WEB Guide dontations page

Donations can be:

1 Deposited directly into our Commonwealth bank account under the name of '' A/C 06 2544 1052 9900

2 Paid by cheque mailed to, P O Box 330, Gosford NSW 2250 (please do not post cash)

3 Paid via the PayPal facility for credit cards by clicking on the orange button on the donations page.

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