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Licha & Wunshcher - I found this harrowing but interesting

As emotionally harrowing as the tale is, and that it's taken 5 years, I found this judgment/case interesting.

I was particularly shocked at a letter sent:
Dear Justice of the Family Court,

I don't want to see my dad anymore. because I'm scared of him and he makes me sick and nervous. I can't sleep. I poop my pants.

Love […]

P.S. Please help me
Licha & Wunscher
I hope this is not how long we will take to get a result!!!

But for self litigants, the key point in the whole document is:

Aspects of the Mother's evidence were inconsistent and illogical and she tended to reconstruct the evidence of others to suit the case she would like to make, something not unusual in a litigant who represents him or herself. Similarly, she tended to rely on one small piece of evidence, ignoring the context in which it was given and attempt to build on that slender foundation an edifice supportive of her case.

Make sure to focus on the BIG stuff. Don't be petty. Make sure the bricks you lay are sufficient to build a big, strong wall of evidence.

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