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Hi .dont know if im posting in the right place.i have recently seperated and am looking for answers to many questions.i was in a relationship for 3 years with  8 months  of partner left me and placed a caveat on my house and has engaged a solicotor to begin family mediation.i am looking for any sort of guide to how a court will rule on our situation so i can weigh up if the mediation result may be a better option whatever its outcome may be…i bought the house and have paid all the mortgahe rates and most of the household bills.also the bulk of the domestic contribution has been ex works as a nurse and has an 18 yr old daughter.i have a 10 yr old son who lives in nz so i pay child support.the house is in my name.i have read you must have your name on the title or contribute to the mortgage to place a caveat(is this true)my house is for sale so the caveat affects that.i am looking for a fair settlement and my ex wants 50 percent and i feel that is no where near fair….thanks..i have spoken to a lawyer and all he could say was how screwed i am and how much it would cost to fix things…i am looking to avoid this from becoming another lawyers picnic.

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Being a short term relationship whatever has been put in could be expected to be gotten back. As there are no children to complicate things it should be fairly easy to work out. You have not mentioned who has put the equity into the house or if you are working earning similar income to the ex. I don't think the caveat is as bad as you think as once the house sells the person who put the caveat will be given notice to take action and if they don't the house will proceed to settlement. I don't think you will need a lawyer to sort this out. You should apply for divorce ASAP and do a property settlement via consent orders meaning you both agree to a settlement and the courts stamps it.
I really appreciate your i am a carpenter and have done all the work on this ex has made a small financial contributio towards home improvement.most of our equity has come from the rise in realestate prices in our town.we have earned a very smilar amount in the last 2 for us both.agreeing to  a settlement,i an hoping for a good result but my ex has this preconceived idea she is entitled to 50 percent and is not looking like budging.,such a shame.interesting what you have said about the caveat.i will find out as much as i can about this andbdo hope it b will be lifted accordingly
Once again thankyou for your reply.i have had no luck with any decent legal advice from various lawyers so far but hope that will improve…thanks
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Caveat laws are probably different from state to state . I am only mentioning this based on my limited experience in WA. Best to talk to a settlement agent of your local titles office. Re the cash put into the house and current equity, work out the percentage of contributions and then propose a split amount based on the percentage of contribution. If you have maintained the mortgage then you will have proof. If during the relationship your provided housing for her daughter then that should go your way to.
Good luck
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