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Which School, Same City Opposite Sides?

How Have You Handled Which School to Attend?

I would like some feedback from other members on how they handled which school to send their child/children to.

Me and my ex live on opposite sides of the same city so we would both have 'zoned schools' nearby, I have. We have equal and shared care and living arrangements and our young one who is due to start school in the near future.

We are both very good parents and both have the capability to manage the school attendance of our child while maintaining our own jobs and lifestyles. Neither parent is prepared to relocate, and may not necessarily have to.

Your thoughts please.
Try to make the decision on what is the best school for the child and their needs. Depending on how far apart you are a school on an easy bus route for both parents would be an advantage in the future as children grow and develop independance they can manage school from either home.
Thanks kalimnadancer for your reply.

Seeing public primary schools here are zoned it would appear it may be either school or the other in which each parent now lives. Both public schools (per suburb) offer all that our child could want at an early age, albeit one suburb has a rougher image and rougher past, higher crime rate etc. Our child is already attending child care/kindy in the other suburb.

I guess what I am getting at is it appears our child may have to attend school in one or the others parents suburb (zone) which would mean one parent would have to relinquish a large percentage of care. Equal and shared care works very well for our child and I would hate to change this.
A child can attend any school ( in their designated zine or not ) if the child is accepted for enrollment. A school in NSW can take a child who is not in the designated zone on the condition that acceptance of the child does not increase school numbers so as to necessitate another teacher for staffing the school. Once one child is in the school other sibblings automatically attend.
Most schools are reasonable to reasons for school choice when family matters are considered. Try to keep the child in mind as friends from school play an important part in life.
Thanks again for your feedback.

Our child (for me) always comes first.

I think the friends we make at school are very important fabric of our growing future, in some families friends are considered more important. We can't choose your family but we constantly change and develop new friends based on what we learn over time.
sd, it sounds like you are making the right choices. Good luck.
Hi sd,

I would go for a school in the middle of your two suburbs. You can definitely approach the schools that fall under this category about this. I have heard of different reasons for children being accepted out of zone such as the school being close to a place of work for example or recently a friend wanted her child to change schools due to her not being happy with the one they were zoned to attend and did get a transfer due to a few students moving which opened up some spots. Ring the school or make an appointment to see the principal.

There are other ways I have heard used around the whole school zone issue but as they push the boundaries of being ethical I wont mention them however ask around to people with this issue as they are well known loop holes!!

I had one child who went to a preschool where none of his friends were going on to the public school for kindergarten and he adjusted very well ,just as well as my other child who had lots of friends from preschool at her big school.It's really not too much of an issue at this young age, kids adjust and make friends easily ( mostly anyway).

The most important thing in my opinion is your child maintain contact with both parents at the current level, and if a school half way makes this possible that is definitely the most important consideration.

I have also read a few cases of there being a dispute in similar circumstances to yours and interestingly the court ordered a school in the middle.( on the two I read anyway)

Goodluck and nice to hear of two parents parenting with co operation and respect!
Hi beautifulDAY,

Some usefull facts there, thank you. I imagined somewhere in between, as there are many good schools between the two parents, and drop off and pick would be more managable while still maintaining 50/50 care.

I would imagine equal and shared care would work for many children out there, but selfishness, bitterness and the initial 'ownership' thing takes over until rationale and common sense settles in. I do hope many more parents out there use and consider equal and shared care as it certainly is the best outcome for the child/children after any seperation. Special circumstances and occurances aside.
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