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Suddenly Separated Website

Julie Singleton discusses everything from how to cope with separation to how to the children.

Another Australian commercial separation website that may be of some interest.
Suddenly Separated

The new year is a great opportunity to make changes to your life, and we are here to help you. Our Chat Room and Find a Friend service gives you a great opportunity to make new friends, and our Support section has suggestions for things to do and places to go where you can get out and enjoy Summer in Australia.

And now is the perfect time to make a new start in our Workshops, which will show you how to pack up the old baggage of your last relationship, get rid of old habits, handle your fears and move forward to a new life, whilst meeting new friends.

New this week, Julie's weekly BLOG

Julie Singleton

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- Children and Separation

- Legal FAQs

- Do's and Don'ts

- What Happens Now?

- Child Support?
I have to admit DFL this one was a pleasant surprise, at first I thought it was just a site linked to FLC site but I persisted and had a look through and there is is some interesting things in there.

I even went in and had a look at the topic of the day, I was surprised at the diffusive way the posts were dealt with, this combined with relating the same topic worded in a different way but going to the same information showed persistence.

I know the site may be a little less than what's needed for those who frequent FLWG but it looks the part to get the message across about topics like moving children with out approval possibly meaning having to return and such.

It certainly not as gender orientated as I expected.  

Julie Singleton

Agreed D4E.  The site is relatively positive and has some useful material.  It was mentioned in the papers in the last half of 2007.

Julie Singleton is an ex-wife of John Singleton (NSW businessman) and, coincidently, is/was a family law lawyer.
Didn't she do very well out of the break up?

Not as well as Paul McCartney's ex - but very well?

As far as balanced goes - the CSA stuff is aimed to females and consists of lots of advice on how to get extra CSA and how to apply for more money.

People are happy to take money , without blinking an eye, knowing it damages the other person & the children - on the basis that the government has provided them the mechanism and the language "Parents must support children" (i.e. money must come from somewhere - guess where?)

 Maybe I am not explaining myself well enough
I have to admit Jon I often skip CSA issues, even though I am soon to receive CS from my daughter's mother (tiny amount).

I tend to miss viewing articles because of my limited experience. Glad you pointed it out I'll jump back and have a look.
Jon Pearson said
Didn't she do very well out of the break up?

Not as well as Paul McCartney's ex - but very well?
The McCartney case is still ongoing and the result expected Tuesday (AEST).

Although the financial outcome is supposed to be secret apparently bookmakers are prepared to take bets on it.

Favourite is forty two and half million quid.

Executive Member of SRL-Resources, the Family Law People on this site (look for the Avatars) Be mindful what you post in public areas. 
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