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Parental Isolation and Sabotage

Please help me cope with parental isolation and sabotage !

Hi everyone,

I am a first time mother, now divorced.
Through the family court, my only daughter was put into her fathers care and my parenting right has been completely taken away.

My family and the community totally exclude me from all family activities, I am never invited to birthday parties, christmas functions since this happened.
My life is in complete disaster and dissarray - I have not only lost my only daughter from my life but have been completely rejected and abandoned by my own family and excluded from all family life.

This is NOT the situation which I feel is appropriate or fair to me being a first time, doting, loving mother who has done nothing wrong.
It is community abuse!!

I am now completely isolated from all family life.
I have no 'family members' whom I have contact with!!
I am in constant anxiety, stress and emotional trauma.

My own family completely disowned me, for no reason and so I feel I have 'fallen off the earth' totally.

Has anyone else experienced this very painful, upsetting and traumatic experience of having your only child / children taken from you for no reason and the being spontaneously abandoned by everyone you know??

I felt so happy being a parent and raising my daughter.
We were a very happy sole parent family and were busy and productive in our local community.
I had no problems finding and accessing appropriate support services for us and simply loved being a mother to my daughter, so much.
It was as though, I was frowned upon for being a single parent and so was not able to find other families to associate with.
I do not really know why, other mothers in mothers groups did not 'like' me and my daughter or wish to welcome us or socialise with us.
Now I believe it was a conspiracy to sabotage my parentage to give my child to her father, and - it worked.

If anyone has great coping strategies for this, apart from signing up to be a foster parent, I would love to hear your ideas.
If you can refer me to any support groups, also, that would be appreciated.
I am not sure how to describe this situation.
It is really like a state of suspended animation, and I think, shock.
I am very traumatised and upset by peoples coldness and their callousness.

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