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Lack of sleep and obvious stress ! The remedy is easy...

To No justice
Regarding lack of sleep and obvious stress.

Try KAVA - its back on the market in health food shops. It had no side effects on me and was VERY helpful in allowing my brain to relax at night. The way to explain its effects on me is as follows -
Imagine how the brain darts to and from issues at night and grabs hold and wont let go no matter how hard you try to relax. KAVA allows you to pull back from these constant distractions and maybe concentrate on a more relaxing and happy place so you can go to sleep.

It was the most effective treatment for 'panic attacks' and stress for me. :thumbs:

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 Maybe I am not explaining myself well enough
Thanks Jon for some constructive information.

Anyone else that might take up Jon's suggestion I would recommend you Read this site first about Kava and be properly informed before doing anything.

Ignorance is blissfully until you have to pay the piper. Nothing against Jon and I do welcome constructive information like this.

Medications, even herbal ones can have adverse effects on some people and if taken for too long.

I have often suggested BACH FLOWER REMEDIES, mainly Rescue © for initial break-ups and after a operation or hospital. It is excellent for those who show suicidal tendencies.

Bach Flower Remedies take a bit of working out as to which ones are required if used to deal with individual issues.

Kava seems to be more of a general purpose short term use aid than anything.

Yes Jon I will look into it more and a preliminary look says it is worth a try.

Addition on 29/11/07

Thanks Artemis for your help.

 Reply to Jon,

Thanks again for the constructive thinking you put into your answers.

As I have said, I am resided to the FACT I will probably never see my children again as children but going to talk to a "Family Relationship Centre" to see if they can cause the RELAVENT ISSUE of the Best Interests of Children to be handled separate to the IRELAVENT ISSUE of Judicial Misconduct.

s.72.2 of the Constitution and s.22 of the Act requires an ability to prove JUDICIAL MISCONDUCT. My prima facie proof is the CJ granted Mushin J Judicial Immunity. That would not have been granted if there had been no evidence of offences committed by Mushin J.

DIDS is not for me, I had to fight off a grater belt of depression than when I went there.

Don't get me wrong, DIDS does a wonderful job for those that don't have some of the information I have from others.  

Reply to Guest and the admin,

Have you been to DIDS, although I don't know you, you never never know if you never never go. So try it, if you are in Victoria, Laurance will help you if he can.

I am No-Justice and have never, nor will ever, come on here as a Guest. I use the links provided by the e-mails sent me by this site so am ALWAYS signed in. A link of the GUEST I followed from your e-mail This link deals with the Best interests of Children and links are embeded in emails from the site system

I found a post had been modified or moved or has been disabled but shows my children and I are not the only ones to be persecuted by Mushin J, why has it been removed?

Guest, Mushin J is an acceptable way of writing Justice Mushin, like Bryant CJ for the Chief Justice (CJ) and shorter.

If you are being truthful in your claims you will have no hesitation in joining this forum or site with a name so we can talk to you, please do.

If we unite, those of us offended by Judges of the FamCA (Family Court of Australia) by their unlawful application of the Power of the Commonwealth invested in them, they swear an Oath of Office to do right by. We can cause the AG or Senate to seek the Governor General (GG) causes an inquiry into the behaviour of Mushin J and the like.

This is the only way we are going to cause the Laws/Legislation of the Parliament of the Commonwealth to be upheld and not ignored by these judges. Legislation is all well and good but if it can not be enforced it is a JOKE as Mushin J and the like are proving.

If Guest, what you say is PROVABLE FACT and not your version of the Truth then sign in and talk to the Secretary_SPCA (Sec) he may be able to help you in some way.

Hope the Sec does not hold it against me for what I have just said.

Maybe the Sec could start a Forum for those with legitimate complaints with evidence against Mushin J as a start point for an application to the Senate Committee for an inquiry by the GG or the AG into Mushin J and the like?

PS ignore Conan he has issues and cannot understand a reference to the extremes of Guy Fawkes and the French Revolution are simple a metaphoric expression of the extremes needed to cause the Laws of the Commonwealth (Legislation) to be upheld.

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 No worries.

Its hard to work out what stage you are at but it sounds like you may not be able to get what you want as a self represented litigant at this stage. Maybe a lawyer could provide you with a winning strategy to get what you want.

I think the idea of reforming magistrates and Judges through your case may be a hard task and require a different approach. See for them , they think they are doing a great job - even Nicholson thought he was doing the 'right' thing.

Winning custody or 50/50 (if thats your goal) may require a different approach and maybe that where the energy should go?

So it depends on the stage you are at and what you are trying to achieve in the immediate, short and longer terms.

Stuff I did
  1. Looked after my immediate health issues by sleeping, exercising, meditating , practicing relaxing and focusing the mind, etc
  2. Made a plan

You have obviously been in the research phase for a while with the law and so on. Other things to plan can be about your own life - work, holidays, family events , catch up with relatives, establish a support network, etc.

I am not sure whether you expect the system to be fair, legal, timely or sensible - this may cause more stress for you. Maybe another way to look at its is this -
  1. the system is extremely flawed, mistakes were made, no-one seems accountable and they can do or say anything they like
  2. No-one seems  to understand or care about what is happening to me and others (well some of us here been through this so we know)
  3. What do I need to do to get what I want - even if that takes several years constant work.
  4. What can I sensibly do

The other thing to realize is that 'there is nothing you can do about what other people think about you' . You are not responsible for other people thoughts and opinions.

Even if there was no mention of violence or guns or things - all it would take is for a magistrate to believe that the female was in fear. So if she presents as fearful then you have present that as a ludicrous proposition.So therefore there can be no written, verbal, physical attitude , facial expressions, implications form you to support her proposition.

 Maybe I am not explaining myself well enough
I use valerian (for sleep) and magnesium tablets for accumlated body stress. They were recommended by my Dr - you should check suitability with yours.

Junior Executive of SRL-Resources

Executive Member of SRL-Resources, the Family Law People on this site (Look for the Avatars). Be mindful what you post in public areas. 
No-Justice said
…. I found a post had been modified or moved or has been disabled but shows my children and I are not the only ones to be persecuted by Mushin J, why has it been removed?
We have a large number of Guest posts that are problematic No Justice. Firstly all "Guest" posts are suspended in a system admin queue… This is because we have "Bots" and "Hackers" and "Spammers" who bombard the site daily with hundreds of forum posts. We sift through those posts and release for site validation by the site moderators. The site moderators have wide ranging discretions to edit and move posts. We do not in any way support censorship or male only views as this site has many women posters that give a balanced opinion.

If your post has been modified you will see the name of the site moderator who last modified the post listed in the body of the post. You can then commence a dialogue through a "whisper". There are two options explain when you click into "whisper" and they are both private. We track all history on posts so can recover a post topic. Once the forum topic goes off the topic heading the instruction to moderators is to move the topic posts to a new heading. It is therefore very useful (but not essential) to create a topic heading in your posts because if a post is moved and there is no heading then the link will show N/A as the post topic and we will need to edit the topic heading. (Not a big deal)… In general we do not treat Guest posts with a high priority at all…. They are not a Community priority. Site members are a high priority. A number of your posts have recently been consolidated to new topics to better group the subject matter…    

No-Justice said
…. Maybe the Sec could start a Forum for those with legitimate complaints with evidence against Mushin J as a start point for an application to the Senate Committee for an inquiry by the GG or the AG into Mushin J and the like?
I would suggest you start a personal topic with the Secretary_SPCA site member to see if they are prepared to set up an additional forum. We do not have a forum that stands out for this topic. I would suggest you click on this link and post here to start  :)

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