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What if I do not want to become a billionaire?

I've just posted a new post on Family Law Forum, called Honest Thieves where there is a link to my personal website and forum.  If you are interested visit that post than I won't have to repeat myself.

This ironic title of the forum shows that whoever came with this idea appeals to naive people.  Any idea that family law reform bring anything good, is only an appeal to naive.  It is illogical, and cannot happen.

Anyone who relies on government to take essential decisions about his/her children and family, is in my opinion unfit to have a family.

I know that almost all family problems are initiated by government including UN.

The impossibility is confirmed by criminal acts of government.  Sorry legal crime.

I do have documents showing that all the government does is wrong.  In fact all democratic countries subjected to UN dictatorship commit mass crime against innocent children and their both parents.  All this can be read on mentioned post and on my website.

[Link removed by moderator]

How can anyone expect that the criminal who committed a crime, will protect them?  Sorry, there is no such possibility.  When you pay mafia they 'protect' you.

Government is not part but almost entire problem in our families.

About a week ago there was an SBS Insight program about children taken from families.  There was a unamynous conclusion that in all those cases with clear family problem, the children taken away from parents, not necessarily benefitted, and is absolutely not clear whether they actually benefitted at all.

So in clear cases of children negligence in family home, everybody that is those very children once taken from family homes, the carers and specialists, all agreed that there is not clear benefit of such removal of children from family home.  

Than when there is no clear reason of separation or divorce, than a chance of making it better is strongly negative that is there is very big harm done to such children.

Please understand that only natural parents whatever they are are the optimal carers, have the real business to care for them and can provide the optimal environment for children development.

Eventually to help parents to raise their children, like to educate them in how to raise children, how to beat own addiction or anger or other problems is real benefit, but not destruction of families.

No politician or judge takes any responsibility for their own decision.  How possibly people can say that irresponsible officials can bring any good to our children?

It is high time to inform our children that they can and should sue the government for damages for suffering.  Weather it is PAS or unnamed problems, is irrelevant, the government and individual judges should pay the damages.  They have a number of homes and riches they got destroying families. Now it is time our children ask for compensation.

Perhaps I should also ask for compensation.  Our democratic government in Australia which is under instruction of the UN have robbed me of my home, made me homeless, jailed me when I visited my children and when I asked for justice and refused to grant me temporary housing trust accommodation.

Can anyone help me?
hey mmmztsiszz, I like your stuff

So you have worked out govt intervention is excessive - people are profiting, society is running down hill and ignorance abounds - join me - it's you and me against the world buddy.

 Maybe I am not explaining myself well enough
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