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We are equals

Do women dominate men?

Something I must say. I am a father with two children and a sole parent. Centrelink sent me an appointment letter for a meeting. When I got there all I saw were single mothers. They were eyeing me like a termite on an anthill.

In the class I attended there, I was the only male amongst 30 females. Sorry ladies, the feline is out of the bag.

Is this equality? Hell no!

Ok, so statistically you were the minority. Other than the being eyed off (sure they weren't measuring you for husband material?) were you treated any differently by centrelink?

When my ex and I split and both had to go for intervies (good old centrelink made them one after the other unbeknown to us) we were both treated exactly the same - the woman who interviewed us both treated us both like she was paying us personally out of her pocket and that we were both stains on the fabric of society. With me to the point of denying business expenses are legitimate reductions of income.

When you are swimming down a creek and an eel bites your cheek, that's a Moray.
I found when dealing with Social Security over the phone they were more than helpful and supplied good leads to follow as well as put me onto a social worker to help in other areas and concerns.

I haven't had to deal with centrelink so they could be different.

I do have a female friend who I have talked to about CSA and that is a different kettle of fish, to receive any action on my part I have to make a written application for re-assessment which the X is sent a copy etc while all my friend had to do was ring up and say "I've heard he's earning?"

Which I will say she had every right to do as he had stated his earnings as low 20's but was on a figure closer to 120's. Still she did not have to fill forms out it was automatically done. At the time if I had filled out a form the X may well have stopped contact through lack of orders it just wasn't worth the risk.
Most of the time Centrelink are OK. I had issues when having to report fortnightly, that I am working over 15 hours per week (I work 37.5 and then some) PLUS do 6 job interviews a fortnight to keep $22 worth of benefits. Ombudsman sorted that out..

I recently rang CSA to let them know he is earning more than he claims (he works 5 - 6 days a week but claims, so I have to pay him maintenance and he doesn't have to pay me) and they sent me a book full of forms to fill in. Each time I have wanted to reassess it has required forms - and like I stated in an earlier post all that information is then sent to my ex. Not very friendly at all.

P.S I'm female too.

When you are swimming down a creek and an eel bites your cheek, that's a Moray.
I may be blond and balding but c'mon I sorta figured your female ( sheeeeeze ). Perhaps it boils down to who you talk too or such, when the X went through it she did nothing but phone and they simply checked tax records and her X had to back pay some but no forms. And like I said my friend just phoned up no forms. Maybe it's just the payer they don't like because of some reason or another, and not gender specific ??

Had to edit because that doesn't make sense for me she's the payer.

LOL - I know you know, I was just being funny.

Yes it is weird how they react. I have found them nothing but fair etc but then that could be the gender too.

When you are swimming down a creek and an eel bites your cheek, that's a Moray.
D4E said
I may be blond and balding
So you are Kevin Rudd? here under an assumed name!

Do you know you can post a photograph as part of your user (My Account) profile.

Executive Member of SRL-Resources, the Family Law People on this site (look for the Avatars) Be mindful what you post in public areas. 
Yeah right do you want to increase membership or see everyone run, My mug on the place will see them leave in droves.

And if I was Ruddy I'd impress with my Cantonese which is a word I can't even spell in English  O_o

My daughter use to say " I want to be just like you when I grow up Dad " to which I responded " What fat and bald ".

As always with these things it now bites me in the posterior because when I tell her she follows after her dad she exclaims " Nooooooooooo I'm fat and bald! I don't want to be fat and bald ".

Can you guess who's sense of humour she has  :'(
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