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Waiting too long

LOL! We got told that the waiting list was three (3) months for mediation, one month for contact services.

I'm sure the goverment wouldn't find ten (10) weeks accpetable, since they can't get anything done faster than that in the family courts.

Most people, who are in cases where there are abuse allegations, have approx. 19 month waits for justice and the process to be finalised. I really think that if they cannot deilver they should expand the mediation to other services.

Since you cannot attend at court until you a have mediation certificate it's pretty much guaranteed that justice is denied by having to wait for endless periods to resolve a contact issue.


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Well said, I suppose my goal is to keep people from going to court.

If they can sit down and behave I can usually broker a deal within three sessions.

I shouldn't bag RA like this because they trained me. I am taking a swipe I guess because I get people all the time coming to me saying how they were kept waiting and didn't know I existed in the same town - how bloody stupid is that?

Danytink, I have no idea if RA would be willing to pass people on, or whether they should. However perhaps making yourself know to solicitors in the area could be beneficial.

What if you were to offer the first 3 hours free?

In my area a firm of solicitors often advertise a free evening session on family law.

Why not advertise on here?
MikeT said
Why not advertise on here?

There are some strong rules about NOT using the forums to advertise or promote a product or service.

Loss leader 'free' sessions should be cleared by the site admins first.

 Senior Site Moderator and Administrator
Sorry Sisyphus. I meant using the official advertising channel in the site heading.
Maybe you should expand your own advertising locally. After all, when people look for the service in your area they would google and I'm tellling you Relationships Australia and FRCs are very difficult to google individually.

Knowing that you are a registered mediator and that you can give out a mediation certificate means a lot to people who are trying to make a parenting agreement. If you have to you will be able to give a mediation certificate for court (right?).


Han Solo routine "We're all fine here, thanks. How are you?" *weapons fire* "It was a boring conversation anyway!"

Write to, and inform, people who might be able to change things

danytink said
Relationships Australia have a ten week waiting list in my town where I operate as a registered mediator. They don't refer clients on but prefer to keep people dangling who need their issues solved straight away. Is this genuine care or greed so that their funders can see that the money is being well spent?

I think is stinks and shows a lack of care for families in distress. If I couldn't see someone within a week then I would tell them to go somewhere they can get help - not throw them on a waiting list where they experience angst for weeks on end - shameful RA - shameful!
Follow the (RA source of) money.

Write to the Attorney-General, Robert McClelland, and let him know the facts and your views.  In particular what this means for the people (couples) who need help and how it exacerbates issues/problems and could be adding to systemic and legal costs for the Commonwealth (aka taxpayers).

Perhaps CC the FACSIA people to let them know how RA is not helping.  And your local federal MP.  And maybe CC both the Shared Parenting Council of Australia (SPCA and the Lone Fathers Association (LFAA), so that the AG sees that others are being informed.
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