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Violence towards Women - Zero tolerance!

Gov't commits $38.5m to new crisis center and prevention activities

The Rudd government will contribute $12.5 million to a new national telephone and online crisis service to help woman and children who are victims of violence. The commitment is one of 18 recommendations the government has accepted from a new report - Time for Action - released on Wednesday by the National Council to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children.
Secretary of the Shared Parenting Council saidViolence is not acceptable in any area of our society however when you read the plan and look at the sort of wording there is no mention that this is a fair and equitable policy or plan to deal with female perpetrators.

The plan says

    * ensure that women and their children are protected and safe;
    * hold perpetrators to account and ensure they take responsibility for their violent behaviour;
    * stop perpetrators violent behaviour and change their violence-supportive attitudes;
    * sustain positive change in perpetrators behaviour and allow them to redefine themselves as non-violent; and
    * subject to considerations for the safety of the victim/survivor, allow perpetrators to re-enter the community and engage in positive ways.

Where do we get any sense that male victims of violence will be treated in the same way. Why did the plan not state 'hold perpetrators male and female accountable'. We have had recent cases where the male partner has been stabbed, another assaulted and another locked out of the family home to be left homeless and without any support.

We can only hope that there is some equality and fair play in what is a despicable and National disgrace which ever way you look at it.

The Shared Parenting Council deals with many cases a week where neither parent is treated adequately and picks up the flotsam and Jetsam of separated parents who cannot get contact with their children early on after separation. It is a number of these parents who we deal with daily that feel the world has come to an end, contemplate suicide and simply cannot function normally. We look forward to the follow on policies and an additional national plan of action to give those parents contact with their children and thus avoid the downward spiral to conflict

It makes you wonder, who is running the show?

Here it is in black and white, Men are sub standard citizens that do not deserve protection or support! The fact of the matter is that men who seek support are persecuted!

Only recently, statistics have shown that over half the Child deaths caused from domestic violence , were perpetrated by women or whilst in the care of women! How can you then put Children in the same League as women or men 

When elite Gov officials respond with words " you have been kicked in the b#@^^, be a man - get up and get on with life" it makes you think the worse! 

The "Time for Action" report and associated data can be downloaded from the following link for anyone interested:


Interesting title for the snapshot of the report yet the link says and children.
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