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The "A-Holes" will use it against is their "job", bless their poor Cheque books.

You are dealing with a system and industry that is corrupt to the bone….A club/"Bar" Association/council… Its sad but … you will soon find out…if not already… I sympathise with you…it is very difficult time(s)…and it is just the "Beginning"…

From my experience it is a waste of time to invest in services of "A-holes" they only care about covering their A$$ and not really concerned about your kids (outwardly they say they do). Of course they will suck as much as possible from emotional people, they play "marketing" and Psychology to the N th degree. They "promise" the "earth and give you dirt - of course covered under their "liability" "professional" insurance….

Look around you…the "A-holes" are everywhere…you can complain to the legal services "ombudsman" - guess what run by "A-holes" again….So in the end …I think you know what to do…be a man…

This post has been moved by the Senior Moderator from Health and Wellbeing.
The last 2 days this poster has been venting in inappropriate forums. While the site does tolerate some degree of whining - there is a limit. This site is primarily for straight forward discussion and not as a form of therapy.
I do agree with most of what you said except I know it's not just men that are treated like this… I am the MOTHER.

A constructive vent would see the cause of such fury revealed.
Has Dads_R_Tops case been listed on Austlii?
What date was his hearing? Is he appealing?
With so much froth being spewed forth the reason for the angst remains a mystery.
Alleging something without any substantive evidence is unlikely to convince anyone, especially a judge.

What is done for you, let it be done, what you must do, be sure you do it, as the wise person does today that what the fool will do in three days - Buddha
I assume that the vent is about the C$A, my personal view is that the only time C$A should become involved is when someone defaults on CS payments, Isn't that the reason the agency was brought into being.

Moderator Note
It was a property matter.

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