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staying safe said
And repartnered_mum, for what it is worth, it does seem that this site is run by or at least driven by some sort of men's group. I rarely post because I only have my experience to call on and am by no means any sort of expert in family law, but I have seen many women looking for help get shot down by members and moderators alike.
Secretary SPCA said
The site is developed by a private consortium not any of the "groups". If Staying_Safe wants a moderator role feel free to contact the site admins. Certainly the site would take on board suggestions. Basically the site is about Family Law and Child Support issues.

Secretary, there have been a number of comments on this site about the gender bias and a number of women who get shot down my members and moderators. I am sorry but I don't have the time to quote them all, but they are there if you look.  When you hear a similar comment over and over it is surely time to consider whether all the posters have a point.  I have seen too  many women coming here for advice but receiving nothing but judgement and assumptions. 

There seems to be moderators who have started censoring the posts and posters they 'don't like' or agree with. There is no consistency as to what is seen as off - topic and what isn't, what is acceptable and what isn't.  It is no wonder that many women believe this site is driven by a men's group.  That is what it looks and feels like.  Please take note of these comments.  Action may need to be taken if you wish this site to be seen as unbiased and not run by a men's group.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.
Larissap, as one of those people who "shoots down" fatuous misandric comments by political operatives like samba, I can assure you I am NOT a member of any group at all. I am just a man who is fed up with the dishonesty and the deceit that this whole Family Law farce is based on. I suggest to you that after nearly 25 years of the CSA and over 35 of the Family Law act there are very many men like me, who have watched their ex supported to try to destroy them financially and to deprive them of their children. 6 court cases, none successful in achieving her intent of greater care for her and less for me, all funded by Legal aid in her case. Being told by CSA I couldn't continue my studies because I had a "capacity to earn" and I MUST exercise it or starve, while she was given extra money and absolved from the obligation to seek work so she could go to uni. 2/3 of students at uni are women, a large number are women over 40. That means there are lots of blokes watching the same thing happen.

25 years is a whole generation of boys who watched it happen to their father, fathers who have watched it happen to their sons.

My intent is to try to provide some balance to the stream of such drivel that is put about by the very well-funded maternal bias proponents by engaging with it and showing it for what it is - empty polemic based on "I want" and "all men are bastards"

For the record, I don't like posts being deleted willy-nilly either, but what really gets my goat is your effort to try to stifle discussion. People who do that ALWAYS have an agenda that cannot stand scrutiny.
also larrisap your going to naturally find more men on this site as they would be a majority who are being under the scope of the courts and CSA. women with majority care would be a minority in this site as in the real world they have the world at their feet ragarding court and CSA. if i never had family law dramas or problems with CSA my profile o this site would not exist.
Never a truer word spoken.
I am a female who always had 100% care of her kids. Can't say I had the world at my feet in-regards to CSA. It's an organization I've gone to great lengths to avoid having dealings with, as I felt my kids and I were better off with out such government interference in our lives.

Unfortunately my OH who has kids of his own,is caught in a CSA & family court nightmare…that I predominately deal with cause he has limited understanding of the system.

I couldnt agree more in what you said.
I reckon there is 90% of guys on this site looking for advise and answers to the floored CSA system and we get put through the ringer the whole time.
Im self employed who earns $45k a year by CSA when in fact my tax return shows $9k. So I am very bitter about the CSA and I intend to fight my claim against the CSA all the way to my grave.

Fair Just and equitable for both parents.
so frenzy wouldnt see this as as sexist site even though she is a female.
Like Frenzy, I am female. I had 100% care of my kids, because their father who lived 5 minutes away chose to limit his time with his children.

And like Frenzy, I am here because of the issues that have arisen for my husband. A man who would like to see his child more often than he does, and who due to the mother's decisions only sees the child during school holidays because she moved for a better lifestyle to a mining town. (We have been there, and I would say without a doubt that the lifestyle is certainly not better especially when you consider that she left a major city, but then that is her decision).
so boots would you see this as a sexist site?
Actually what I am tending to find sexist is a system which tends to "award" the female parent more time with the children than the male parent, and citing all sorts of strange reasons (seemingly) as to why they do this.

I find CSA biased towards the payee which in the majoroty of cases is female as well.

So in essence, maybe this site is biased towards men, but it is not sexist.

I'm still trying to find a mens' legal service, in a sea of womens' legal services. Now I consider that sexist.
I agree with boots, this site is not sexist. I think it's a good site. I think the system is sexist. Probably alot of females out there who will condemn me for thinking like that :lol:

I raised my 2 kids on my own, without welfare, child support or court battles. Now I am helping support my OH so he can pay CS (not that his kids get cared for properly by the ex) and legal bills, all of which is made worse by his vindictive ex. The system does seem geared to support her type…
I too am female who has 100% care and have never found this site to be sexist.  Certainly I have seen that CSA unfairly treats the payer in nearly all situations, whether it be on here, or in real life.

CSA couldn't get hold of my ex a few years back to find out why he hadn't lodged his tax return, so they rang me to ask if I knew what he'd earned.  I replied I have no idea as I haven't heard from him in ages, but a few months back his sister had mentioned that he was unemployed, so I suggested they ask Centrelink for details.  She then carried on that they can't & could I provide any figure at all?  I said "so hypothetically if I said he was earning $80k, you'd accept that?"  She said "no, but we'd follow up on it"  and she thanked me for my time and ended the call.  A week later I received a new assessment advising me that they had applied a Provisional Income of … yes you guessed it, $80k.  I rang my ex and asked him if he'd been unemployed for the whole year (like I expected) and he said yep.  I then had 4 arguments with different CSA officers before I finally got a decent one who agreed to run the check with Centrelink and they found out his actual income.  Mind you they didn't backdate the assessment to erase the arrears that the $80k was applied to for 3 months.  I WILL eventually win & have it changed on his behalf because it's just not fair.

For the most part I'm here because CSA treat my husband in the same way & I have a better understanding of his rights than he does, so fight them on his behalf.  His ex won't allow him to see his kids, but is forever more trying to have CSA bump up his child support, while she sits at home on a cushy pension spitting out more kids to different men with the added bonus of even MORE child support.
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