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The feminist trojan horse in Family Law

The feminist trojan horse in Family Law

we have called for men in parliaments to speak the truth about feminism for a long time.

Please pass this FAR AND WIDE so that he gets more views. He is at 2,400+ now.

Also? Please note. George has responded to my notes on the site. I believe he is taking a look at the materials I have presented him.

We will see what his answer is from there.

Best Regards


The feminist trojan horse in Family Law
Watch the Federal Member for Dawson George Christensen when he attacks the Gillard Labor government's changes to the Family Law Act which will water down provisions giving non-custodial parents (mostly fathers) equal access to their children.

Last edit: by Secretary SPCA

Peter thank you for taking the time to make this post and provide the video.

I do believe though the new proposed Bill has some serious shortcomings for mums as well as dads. The fact is that families will not be protected from violence in this Bill so rather than a "Trojan Horse" is it in fact a "wolf in sheep's clothing". Even Red Riding Hood got a better deal than what is proposed in this Bill.

I have posted extensively about the problem areas of the Bill and have also posted the Shared Parenting Council submission and covering letter. I hope you have had a chance to review.

It is important that we continue to have a balanced view for both men and women as the Bill has shortcomings for both.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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Fathers? Will you guard your children?

Secretary SPCA.

The evidence is not refutable. Every member of both houses of federal parliament in Australia was lawfully noticed of our intent to form new and superior courts.

Every member was offered the opportunity to admit their crimes and move to remedy their crimes.

Not one single member chose to do the honourable thing and confess their crimes, beg forgiveness, and work to remedy them.

No member in either house has any grounds on which to expect the respect of any man on the land known as Australia. The people in both houses are nothing but common criminals. Worse than common criminal because common criminals dont get to pretend they can make laws that other people have to follow.

I am disgusted with every single member of both houses.  I will stand on the front steps of their satanic little building and say so one day.

No person who sits in either of those houses has ANY claim to ANY right to write legislation that they criminally enforce on men. None at all. Further? I denounce ANYONE who makes the claim that these criminals in these houses have ANY right to force legislation onto men through the criminal organisation known as the police force and their criminal accomoplices in the legal fraternity.

I challenge YOU Secretary SPCS to write out and affidavit and sign it under penalty of perjury and full commercial liability that the criminals in the parliament have lawful right to force legislation onto a man who properly rescinds his consent to be governed.

Your readers here can judge you based on your willingness to put what you say is true onto an Affidavit addressed to me. You can scan it and email it to me at I have written out MAN affidavits so you are more than welcome to use one of mine from the forums on my web site as an example.

You claim that those in the parliaments have the right to write Bills that they can force onto people who choose not to consent to those bills? Well? Put it in writing on an affidavit.

Or? Are you going to be like David Dunkley in that court room? In that court room it is clearly recorded that David Dunkley claimed inalienable rights were a nonsense. I challenge David Dunkley to put that onto an affidavit. He refused. Well? Are you going to refuse to put what you say in writing on an affidavit? And if you refuse? What does that say about you?

That the moderators on this site have made efforts to tell lies and disparage me is well recorded. Those you have lied to and misled can deal with you as they wish.

That staff at the Sydney Morning Herald such as Sam deBritto, Sam Brett and Miranda Devine have been made well aware of all that is going on and have refused to report it, indeed have actively censored me over a long period (except Miranda)?

The people of Australia will deal with these traitors as they see fit.

I, personally, am going to put Sam deBritto and Sam Brett on trial for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice in the exposure of the crime of genocide. I hope they hang for what they have done. But that will be up to the jury. Not me.

Men like me have had enough. Men like you can attempt to lie about us, you can attempt to silence us. Indeed. The NSW Police have been arresting and torturing some of my colleagues. We even have an allegation of cold blooded murder to cover up the torture of Mark Flowers.

Men like you can do what you will. But we will record your efforts. We will make those recordings available to the public. And should we find evidence of a crime we will put any man or any woman on trial where they are accused of a crime via the proper procedure of an affidavit of accusation signed under oath.

Now. I have presented george with links to the proof that the legal fraternity is a criminal cartel and that Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard and Robert McClelland are well aware of this and condone the crimes of those in the legal fraternity.

The men moderating this site will either assist me blow this story wide open or you will continue with your lies. What you WILL NOT DO is stop us from creating our alternative system of governance for those who choose it.

We are leaving the satanic criminal lying and deceitful system of government that the moderators of this site support. We are offering a viable alternative where men who choose to live in freedom can. And the only way you are going to stop us is to kill us. And if that should happen then it will be clear to everyone just exactly what is going on.

And lastly? I denounce every single MALE member of BOTH houses of the Australian Federal Parliament not only as criminals but even worse, as MANGINAS.

They are beneath contempt. Here is my second challenge that went to every MALE member I could find an email for. NONE of them rose to the challenge. Those so called men are nothing of the sort. They are manginas. Women disguised as men. None of them have any right to be called Honourable as they are mangina criminals.

How pathetic that NOT ONE could rise to my 4 part challenge.

Letter to all MALE members of the Federal Parliament Upper and Lower Houses - Open Letters - Crimes Against Fathers - Australia

As for Australian women? The evidence is not refutable that for the last 3.5 years I have challenged them to rise to my level and demand that women  who have claimed equality and who commit crimes are held to account for their crimes on an equal before the law basis meaning, very specifically, same crime same remedy.

The evidence that our women have failed in this challenge is not refutable. The evidence the vast majority of Australian women are liars and hypocrites is not refutable.

Any man who leaps to the defense of these disgusting liars and hypocrites that our women have chosen to become will immediately be branded a man-hating, white knighting mangina apologist in my mangina hall of fame.

I will no longer tolerate lies in my online presence and all honest men of honour and integrity of are well advised to do the same. I invite them to follow my example.

So. Secretary SPCA.

I have laboured for 3.5 years. Standing on the shoulders of giants I have developed the remedy for any man who chooses to use it. Associated with some of the bravest patriots I know? We have now got our new courts proclaimed.

There is nothing and no one who can stop us establishing an alternative system of governance, and even non-governance short of bullets. And if your guvment starts shooting people? They are not going to be too picky about who they shoot. That is why, in my letter, I have told the MEN who are members of the two houses that should ANY of them give an order to criminals in the army or police to shoot and kill innocent Australians we will hunt them down to the ends of the earth and bring them to justice.

We are deadly serious about this.

Australia today stands on the precipice of civil war. It is very, very close. But the criminals in the guvment wont tell you what their plans are for you in such a way as you might understand.

We have determined that every member of parliament, every judge, every magistrate, every registrar, every lawyer, every police officer that we can find compelling evidence of having committed a crime? We will put that person on trial in an open and transparent way. The trial will be video and audio recorded. Even the jury debate will be audio recorded and maintained in confidence to allow inquiry at a later date by a property formed jury.

We have determined that we will have a set of courts that are fair, just, transparent, and reflect the will of the common people of Australia as to how they wish to live their lives. As to what they choose to be their community standards.

We have determined to offer this to any father who wishes this.

We have determined that any father who wishes to bring to us a properly completed affidavit of accusation for a crime committed against him will have the benefit of our services for the cost of those services to provide and no more. We will not allow criminal judges and lawyers to any longer gorge themselves on the carcasses of a mans family.

Those days are over for any man who chooses for them to be over.

I invite any father who wishes to sit on our juries, again, to register to our site.

I invite any father who has had a crime committed against him and wishes to receive a fair and just common law court defined remedy instruction for that crime to register to our CAF site.

For those fathers who choose NOT to sit on our new juries and extend the protection of the law to your fellow men? To choose NOT to extend the protection of the law to your children and the other children of Australia? Who choose to allow more Lukes to happen? ( Those fathers who choose to put their faith in a bunch of criminal mangina scumbags who sit in our parliaments?

You are a disgrace to the men my digger step grandfather left in places like New Guinea. His mates died for you. Many of them in excruciating pain bleeding out to death in the jungles. Many of them being eaten by lice, flies and small animals before they were dead.  

My step grand father told me many of the horrific stories of what he witnessed in his time fighting across the pacific in WW II. He impressed on me as a lad that should some enemy ever try to take over Australia and enslave and oppress my fellow Australians I had an obligation to do whatever it took to protect and defend my fellow Australians. He told me as a lad that should I choose to be less than those men he left behind that I would dis-honour their memory, their sacrifice, their very lives.

Fathers? I for one will NOT dis-honour those men who fought on the Kakoda Trail, those men who fought at Tubruck, those men who fought at Gallipoli. Those men who fought and died in so many places in the belief they were defending the freedom of their fellow Australians.

And I can assure you I will hold in contempt and disgust any FATHER who is so gutless they will not walk into an air conditioned building and sit on a jury and be openly recorded as giving a fair and just trial to ANY MAN OR WOMAN properly accused of a crime on an affidavit.

If you are a FATHER and you are too gutless to do that? You have no right to your child, in my opinion. Boys learn the different between right and wrong from the actions of their fathers, not their mothers. They learn what it is to stand up to bullies from their fathers, not their mothers. They learn what it is to be a man from their fathers, not their mothers.

And any FATHER who fails to sit on said juries? Any FATHERs who dis-honour the many brave men who fought for the freedom of YOUR SONs? Just stop and think what you are telling your boys. Just stop and think how you have failed your boys.

Stop and think about whether you are willing to live with that failure to your SONs.

And after you stop and think about all that? Consider my invitation to join our CAF site and choose to put criminals like Justin Dowd, Greg McCray, David Dunkley, Louise Henderson, Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, Robert McClelland, Jennifer Toal, Bill Toal, Irene Toal, Michael Toal, Jarrod Robinson, Kristen Robinson, Paul LeLarge, Registrar Johnson on trial.

For, all I asked was that crimes against me be stopped. Since no-one chose to assist me stop the commissioning of these crimes at the time they were occurring? I ask for a community supported open, transparent, fair and just trial by jury be put in place so these criminals can face the decision of 12 of their peers.

That it has taken over 2 years for FATHERS to rise to this challenge is a disgrace and an indictment on fathers. In that time an estimated 8,000 more good, honest, hard working Australian men took their own lives. A little bit of their blood is on the hands of every FATHER who heard from me and refused to assist me these last two years.

People say I am a woman-hater. Yet I am MUCH more disgusted in FATHERS. My OWN FATHER being VERY HIGH on that list.

I used to be a father. I know what a good father looks like. I know what a good father does. And what a good father does is offer his very life to provide and protect his children and the children of his fellow fathers. Anything less is NOT ACCEPTABLE and waives any right for a man to call himself a FATHER.

Now. FATHERS. Are you willing to offer the protection of the law to YOUR SONS and to the SONS of your fellow FATHERS?

Yes? Join our CAF site.

No? I hope you burn in hell for your betrayal of YOUR SONS and the children of Australia.

FATHERs. NONE of this is about FATHERS RIGHTS. This is about stopping the criminals in your guvment injuring the children of Australia through poisons.

This is not about fathers gaining the right to their children

This is about FATHERS have the OBLIGATION AND DUTY to protect their children from ALL WHO WOULD DO THEM HARM. And today your guvment is poisoning your children with fluoride, aspartame, mercury, aluminium, barium along with chemicals we dont even know about.


They are also poisoning your childrens minds with brainwashing programs like the Simpsons one of the most effective brainwashing programs of all time. Matt Groening being a 33 degree mason.

Via the agency of 33 degree masons like Walt Disney and the subsequent Disney empire they brainwash your children while calling it entertainment.

Your guvment is trying to alienate YOUR children and then steal YOUR children. Just like Lennin did. Just like Hitler did. Just like Mao did.

FATHERS. Your children are in great peril.

Are YOU going to protect them from ALL who would do them harm?

Are YOU going to choose to be the guardian of YOUR children?

Or are you going to fail them?

The choice is yours to make.

great work peter, glad knowing you :)
intersting, though not sure what the point is?
I found this all all ittle confusing, and maybe a little tyrranical?  O_o

"When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure"

My email today to Robert McClelland and the male members of the lower house

the scumbag criminal Robert McClelland has been going around and insulting one of the greatest Australians I know. A man by the name of Robert Kennedy.

Here is Roberts reply to many. You can see who to in the mail list.

FW: A public apology required from Commonwealth Attorney General McClelland for an abuse by him in - News From Robert Kennedy - Crimes Against Fathers - Australia

Here is my reply to the criminal calling himself Robert McClelland.


While you sit on our fat arses and do nothing?

You deserve your slavery.
Fathers? I for one will NOT dis-honour those men who fought on the Kakoda Trail, those men who fought at Tubruck. said

Loopy Pete - you dishonour these men by not even spelling the names of the places where they shed their blood and lost their lives correctly … it is "Kokoda" and "Tobruk" … and Diggers called Kokoda a "track".
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