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my situation i work in the mining industry of Australia I too are in debt to my eyes as i went and bought the family a home new car etc like many others My ex has left me and moved 1200klm away with my 5 yr old but didn't take half the debt with her I tried the relocation and failed I tried the change of assessment as im forced to drive twice a month to continue to be in my sons life 50/50 at my expense in fact my fuel bill is over 900$ a month and my accommodation and food for my son and myself is over 800$ a month and addition to this i also pay my ex 800$ a mth maintenance because she doesn't need to work her new partner has 4 of his own kids to two different woman also on the doll fortunately for him there part aboriginal so they prob get even further gov assistance. And so like i said my change of assessment was rejected basically im 1300$ better off a month to walk away and have nothing to do with my child .But i couldn't live with myself knowing i was contributing to the low life children on the streets that are sucking this country dry. The the cost of living is so high and the taxes so great smart people are not having children and money hungry low lifes are taking advantage of the system and all of its handouts at the expense of all us tax payers while the health systems or country is going broke. Anyway back to the story Its not a fair system and obviously the pages and pages of blogs and forums are not working nobody wants too listen  and basically the gov wants us to pay because it cant afford too Although it makes it easy for family's to separate rather than stick the hard times out isnt that what family is about.Alright so to all the fathers and mothers feed up had enough broken ready to end there lives for your children sake and the rest of us make your children proud go out with a fight. The only way too make this gov listen is to take a few out with u a couple behind the desks a few big wigs in parliament make sure you document what drove you too the point and what you want done and leave this world knowing your not look as weak but a person with morals and maybe than will get something done!! Trust me only in Australia or the uk does this system so unjust exist ""get it right or lose your life"" get it right or lose your life  ""
It is really sad that your circumstances have made you feel this way, and I am sorry that things have got so bad for you.  Please can I just say to you, that suicide is never the answer, as much as it may seem like it is sometimes.  Your kids need you, and even if you don't see them as much as you like now things can always change, but only as long as you are still around.

Please call lifeline or mensline and tell them how you are feeling.  There are others who have been where you are and they can help you.
Hey spraygun. it is gut renching, but you have to keep your chin up and battle through the red tape BS, step by step.

I have read somewhere that if you record all your receipts involved with travel to see your children, then the amount should come of your monthly child support payments. Don't hold me to that, but i am pretty sure thats how the system works

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Mate, I was driven to the brink a few years ago when the CSA took all the money from my bank account on the Easter Thursday, leaving me with no food in the house, no money to pay rent, no money to pay my business bills, no money to put petrol in the van and the children due to be picked up for the weekend. That was the third time in 12 months they garnished my account, for a debt that was artificially inflated by back-dating and was based on incorrect application of the Law and an atrocious lack of understanding of accounting.

All I can say is I'm grateful for catalytic convertors.

Your reaction is a normal one. The purpose of the CSA/Family Law system is to break your spirit and turn you into a "slave of the system". Your personal goals,ambitions, wishes for your children, ability to cope are gradually worn down by attrition until you simply put one foot in front of the other and do as you're told, fearful of the consequence of setting even a toe outside the arbitrary lines that are drawn.

This is a well-known form of psychological conditioning that authorities use on prisoners in maximum security prisons. Have a read of Solzhenitsyn's The Gulag Archipelago for a pretty good description of the purposes and methods used (although the CSA doesn't have the staff to use physical torture as yet).

Nil carborundum illegitimatum (don't let the bastards grind you down). The CSA don't care if you're dead, they just close the file. It makes their life easier, not harder. They won't accept that their actions had any role in causing it and they won't be the slightest bit concerned that your kids have no father.

Stay strong, fight the mongrels every step of the way, make them know they've had a bad day each day they have to deal with you. Realise that you hold few cards and play the ones you have hard. Most of all, don't give up.
I've tried the men's help line And the relationship advice centre it's all rubbish I'm speaking with a bloke who I think never done a hard days work in his life "" quote  get up early go for a walk listen to the birds breath the fresh air there is always somebody in a worse situation atleast you have your child that's the main thing "" lol what a joke "" response  mate some of us are up at 4am and home at 7pm bugged dirty and hungry we just want a hot meal and to hold a cuddle our family and plan healthy things to do on our days off unfortunately we get trapped by young aust woman who can't boil water who are only interested in us getting home do they can get out on the town and binge drink there lives away none of them understand family value or realize we're riding a gravy train resource boom that either makes you or breaks you and with the government we got rest assure it won't be around for ever!! I'm not suicidal just raised not to take sh** and if this system takes everything off me after I spend thousands more fighting to stay in my sons life than I won't be the only one crying I'll let the system feed me cloth me give me a tv recreation etc australian gov and men in general are wrapped in cotton wool and red tape to afraid to stand up but I promise you if you push me to far I'll wage a war that will be heard in every state.
I hate to have to tell you this Spraygun, but the entire family law and child support system is designed so that no one individual is responsible for what you have been and will be subjected to. It's how governments and their departments work these days. I mention this only because if you want to wage a war against these people, where do you start and with whom would it end? It's a long list of people, none of whom give a toss about you or your plight. The only concern you'll find is CSA and that's only because they want the contents of your wallet/bank accounts.

If your war was possible I'd have beaten you to it already but it's pointless to even entertain the idea. Concentrate your efforts on improving your position, not the negatives.

The hardest lesson I've had to learn since separating from my wife/chief spender/gold digger is that you have to accept the situation you're in and realise that if you aren't the primary carer of your kids you won't win regardless of your efforts, but to make the most of what you can win. It's not easy but I can assure you that with time, a lot of patience and keeping your kids' welfare and development paramount you will be able to find your own little piece of happiness and calm.

It will get easier!
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