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I,m concerned my post was moderated. I was of the opinion that what I was saying was valid and considered.

I understand that these issues are volatile and people are affected (myself included) however by pointing out the obvious inequities of the system I believe there is an opportunity to improve it.

I have myself received some aggressive unsigned mail and phone calls from the system and believe open and robust discussion of these issues is needed to resolve the issues.

I reiterate that failure to acknowledge the problems with the system will not resolve anything.

The SPCA is more than aware of problems with the system - what they need is hard copy material to present as 'evidence' to the right areas of Government.

Your post was moved to a more appropriate forum. There was a previous post in the same topic asking you to refrain from certain language.

The forum is 'Getting Started in Child Support' - that does not mean getting started on soap boxes.

Hyde Park Corner and Devils Advocates are the places for those.
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