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So who conisders that shared parenting is good?

Do you support shared parenting?

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A poll to ask who supports shared parenting

A poll to ask who supports shared parenting?

Please note that the only reason that the options for a father and others has been utilised is due to the guest posting that asserts that only fathers support shared parenting.

Guest posting from a Brazillian I address said
If you look up the studies you will see that fathers are the only ones who are actually happy with shared care.

Obviously if any one non-father replies in support then guest's assertion corresponds with Lery's determination that  guests post is
Leroy said

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Well how embarrassing for fathers, at this stage there are more non-fathers than fathers who support shared parenting. Anyway whatever, Codswallop appears to have been proven.

So well done guest posting from Brazil your assertion has been proven as not what you assert it to be.
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