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shared parenting should not be black and white.

In response to John Flanagans post on the Partington and Cade judgement 22/12/09:

I do not understand how anyone can support a person let alone a child being forced into having contact with a sex abuser.

Think if this was you? If you were raped, that person got away with the crime, then a court ordered that you had to see that person once a fortnight. So a kid that doesn't completely understand why they have to see them will form all sorts of issues of trust, not just with the father who horribly abused their trust but with the whole system that is allowing this access to happen. Kids need more rights and need more of a say in what they want.

I'm all for equal parenting in the right circumstances but when it comes to pedophiles, I can not see at all how making a victim see their abuser will have any positive influence in their lives. If anything they may become more confused and angry that the whole system has let them down.

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I do not know anything about the circumstances of your case so can not comment however I don't think anyone would disagree with you that a child should not be left with a person if they are in danger of sexual abuse.

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