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Senate View on Judicial Misbehaviour (Misconduct)

Hope everyone had a safe Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

I am still learning about the law and the answers to the questions of Judicial Immunity.

This led me back to what qualified in my mind - Judges are not immune from prosecution:

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Odgers' Australian Senate Practice Eleventh Edition: Relations with the judiciary

More over, the Judicial Immunity granted by that FamCA Judge to protect that other FamCA Judge, I have citied in the past, is in itself Judicial Misbehaviour due to that Immunity denies an ability for s.72 of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Acts (the Constitution) from being exercised, being an ability to "Prove Misbehaviour, Misconduct, and or Criminal Misbehaviour."

Although Misbehaviour/Misconduct does not have to be criminal, criminal behaviour is well established as Misbehaviour/Misconduct as is Contempt of an Oath or Undertaking given to any Court is well established as criminal Misbehaviour and/or Misconduct.

What do we have a Court system for if it is not to prove Misbehaviour, Misconduct and Criminal Misbehaviour then award relief and penalties for that proved?

Maybe my FamCA matter issues I have sought "Special Leave to Appeal" in the High Court (HC), Doc's filed and sealed 27 July 2007, that the HC have refused to date to allow me to serve on the respondent who has not served a "Notice of Appearance" on me yet for either of the matters served on her.

The Form 1 issues are in regard to s.72 of the Constitution (Proved Judicial Misbehaviour) and HC Rule 25.06 verses the interference with the Judicial Power of the Commonwealth created by s.75(v) of the Constitution.

New year resolution

Happy New Year No Justice

Any chance you can make your New Year resolution to be as follows:

I will not talk about my favourite Judge or their alleged crimes!

Put your talents to better use - we need them!

Executive Member of SRL-Resources, the Family Law People on the site (Look for the Avatars).   Be mindful what you post in the public areas. 
And a Happy New Year to you monteverdi, if you or anyone has a problem you would like me to look at let me know so my directions can be refocused or supplemented.

My focus at the present is Judicial Misconduct and how it relates to my children and I, this issue is International, Federal and State. NSW have the "Judicial Commission" at  
ERROR: A link was posted here (url) but it appears to be a broken link. Qld have the  Judicial Review Act 1991

The Commonwealth have the Administrative Decisions (Judicial Review) Act 1977 .but this is for Administrative Decisions made by a Judicial Officer, Justice Bell claims it is not applicable to an undefended matter where undefended Orders are made. An undefended matter is in the nature of an administrative decision but Judicial because it is made from the bench rather than chambers. It is reliant on a single side of submissions therefore can not be a proper Judicial Decision but administrative in my view.

This lack of an appropriate means of complaint about Judicial Misconduct or Misbehaviour including Criminal Misbehaviour might in the near have a proper course of action. is a Bill before the Senate at the present, it is listed in the Current bills being considered by the Parliament listed by title at this link Legislation Current Bills Title but the link to the Bill on this site is blocked at the present time. I can not find when this Bill will be open to public review or input but you can read the Bill at the above address (pmoicb2007603/).

My reading of this Bill in conjunction with the NSW Judicial Officers Act 1986 No 100 suggests there are a number of submissions needed to make the Commonwealth Bill accessible to those who have good reason to just this avenue of address.

An off topic you might like to transfer is:

Your SRL's might find this site for the understanding of Latin terms and there meanings helpful:

Have a nice day, it is nice here in Carrum, Melbourne with an expected top of 24c.
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