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Re just filed apeal , thanks your responce Stormsurge

My profile really just expresses 4 years of relentless attacks againts my fatherhood by this vile system , {  im not happy } and without my faith would be depleted finnished . I personally beleive there are major concerns regarding corruption of the Australian court system I beleive justice only comes if you a member of the corrupt elete brotherhood , there decisions hurt childen and there is clear scripture as to there punishment for doing so , woe unto anyone who hurts these littleones . I would rather suffer now ,for what comes there way, is for eternity    Thankyou for your responce stormsurge , im sorry for being outspokenly disgusted { got to focus } . God Bles.

stormsurge said
Hi masoniccourt,

Very unfortunately, you are not alone in your experiences of the federal/family court.

Everything from 'the bullied srl' to the 'icl' and 'ignored notices of abuse' and then being vindicated later, sounds just like our case.

If you managed to lodge the appeal at the 11th hour, good on you, it is not an easy task preparing an appeal as an srl.  We did ours to the best of our ability to hand in on time, then spent a further month refining and finding more substantial precedents etc.

Funny, as things have turned out, we have withdrawn the appeal in favour of a new trial which was agreed upon because of the shocking and embarrasing mess of the first trial.

It was worth all the effort of the appeal though, because it got the court moving, got us in front of a judge and registrar, and moved to the front of the queue(?sp) (front of line = two months instead of 6 or 8 or 12 months).

Regain your strength between rounds, and keep at it,
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