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Rant about the Stimulus Package

That's great that all us workers are entitled to this gov payment, but regards to a comment elsewehre re child support, and if the CSA will intercept, if you owe money in child support so the hellshould take it off males or females who owe child support.

I work and am not in receipt of fbt a due to earnings i support my child not his father who is over the 10g mark of arrears , why the hell shouldnt they take it off the low earningbludger , so yeh good on u one for u , that may help towardsthere nextbeer ctnor playstation game but dont dare think aboutthe child and sporting commitments and fees and the numerous other costsit did take the father to make a beautiful child but like a lot think they can dodge there responsibilty , sperm donors not fathers they are. lucky i do not have to rely on these payments but i do feel for others that do.
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