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I don't know what the relationship between this site and what looked like a spin off private forum on is, but I wonder if anybody can shed some light on what's up with the admin over there?

I've been posting on that site for a little while, helping where I can and asking questions about my own case.  I found them very protective of real information, unwilling to give me example documents for an affidavit of evidence in chief and another document I have to submit called a "short outline of the relevant issues of fact and law".  Instead, they gave me a few suggestions of what to include, then asked me to submit my writing to be "critiqued".  

When I replied that I was frustrated with this type of help and advised them it wasn't working for me (signing off with what I thought was a respectful, "thanks anyway"), the response was an attack by the admin who berated me for not reading the materials and going on and on and on about how much support costs!

I was a bit dumbfounded by this and made no reply.  Today, a few days later I see my account has been suspended, so I can't even read the advice the other members gave me for those documents.

Like this process isn't hard enough…    :(

Are these sites hand in glove?  Am I going to be censored here too?

Be a reasonable person in an unreasonable situation.


My observations and understanding, as a longtime FLWG participant, but not SRL-Resources member, include:

1. is one of the founding groups of the FLWG.

2. As to what's up with the admin at it would be best to ask them directly, on- or off-site (via email).

3. Technically is not a "spin off", but one of the founding groups of the FLWG.

4. With time has come clarification, specialisation and the skills to create a separate site.

5. Reasons some people and groups might be protective of their information could include:

   a. Being constantly drained by people who expect everything for nothing and give nothing back;

   b. Being constantly drained by people who don't or won't do the foundation work themselves (like reading existing material - so that the wheel doesn't have to be re-invented again and again), but instead expect to be spoonfed … taking up valuable time an SRL-Resources worker could be better helping someone else or getting on with his or her own life;

   c. Being hijacked by misguided self-styled 'experts' who seek to pirate the forum for their own agenda and use;

   d. Being hijacked by misguided self-styled 'experts' who provide misleading information that can do more harm than good (and who want to ride on the credibility and reputation of the SRL-Resources group);

   e. Wanting to give relevant and accurate information that requires the full picture of a case - hence requests for case details ("relevant issues of fact and law", etc) and "writing" - in order to assess if an individual is on the right track and has the necessary abilities.

6. It can be very tiring to have constant demands on your time and money, for the best of reasons, let alone seeing it being wasted by people who don't and won't listen and who seem intent on venting their displaced anger on you and wanting to argue the toss all the time, rather than get on with doing what is necessary to achieve and reach one's goals.

7. SRL-Resources appear keen to help people and for people to competently help others, without being the poorer for it.

8. SRL-Resources is not funded by any government or agency.  All costs are covered by the workers.

9. It is no wrong to ask for something back, when so much is given for free.  Especially when so many people expect free help and for the SRL-Resources worker helping them to pay for the cost of mobile phone calls to them, the cost of travel to meet them and to go to courts and other places, the cost of printing, etc. and all the time involved (often up to late at night).  I'd be cheesed off too if this was constantly happening to me.

10. The SRL-Resources is not seeking to generate income from people.  It does have a reasonable expectation that it's workers should not be personally out-of-pocket due the the exploitation of those seeking help.  People should be prepared to cover the costs of the help they seek.  And to responsibly give back and help others.

11. If the "type of help" the SRL-Resources group provides didn't work for you perhaps you should have considered working with a lawyer instead.

12. Telling whose who are offering their help for free (but expecting not to be out-of-pocket as a result) that you are "frustrated" and that "it wasn't working for me" could be interpreted as a demand/request for them to do things your way.  I've found in life that such requests, particularly to people who are volunteering and who are older and experienced, aren't necessarily well received … especially if they have provided relevant information and could provide more but you are unwilling to work with them in the manner they outline.

13. I cannot comment on the response you received from SRL-Resources admin but I do know that you wouldn't be the first person who has come seeking help only to tell the helpers how to do their job.  After a while that gets tiresome and the responses more 'direct'.  No doubt if the SRL-Resources admin was being paid $100,000 pa he or she might have responded differently, but he or she doesn't get a brass razoo out of this and so perhaps has a low threshold of tolerance for being challenged.

14. Account suspension should come as no surprise; you had indicated to them that it wasn't working for you.  So short of changing everything they do to suit you, they chose to focus on others for whom "it is working".  And you can be sure there is never any shortage of family law victims seeking assistance.

15. Your observation about the "process isn't hard enough" is spot on.  But it's not just you for whom it isn't easy.  There are many others who need help.  And then there are the helpers, for whom it "isn't hard enough" and who don't need to have what they are doing made any harder.

16. There are reasons why the SRL-Resources do things the way they do and why they ask for certain things.  These are based on their experience, observations and previous outcomes.

17. The FLWG site and the SRL-Resources site are separate and have separate administrators.  There is some crossover in relation to SRL matters and with forum moderation on the FLWG.

18. "Censored" is a loaded word.  Complaining about one group on another forum is also loaded.  If you don't want your posts to be moderated, can I suggest that you do the work you need, work with others, don't tell others how to do their jobs, provide accurate help (if offering views and information), be respectful, etc.
I think Matrix has pretty much covered it.

As an SRL you need to be prepared, you need to research and you need to put in the time, because the Federal Magistrate or Family Law Court Judge will expect it, and will not be forgiving for not taking time to have read the necessary basics, especially if you have already been told before. SRL will put the time and effort in to help, support and guide, but they can't take you by the hand and do everything for you, if they did you may as well be instructing them as legal practitioners.

Executive Member of SRL-Resources, the Family Law People on the site (Look for the Avatars).   Be mindful what you post in the public areas
Wow.  Numbered paragraphs… sorry, I'm not buying into a point by point argument.  I'll save my energy for my case.

Thanks for not censoring my post.   :thumbs:

Be a reasonable person in an unreasonable situation.

Challenging behaviour

From your comments, I can see, and understand why, you aggravate people and experience the consequences.
The SRL-Resource group operate a closed member site. There is some material made public from them in the Community area here and a great deal of posting made in the Family Law Forums on the FamilyLawWebGuide. They previously operated that closed member site and public SRL areas within the web infrastructure and Portal here but have subsequently decided to set up a complete separate web infrastructure and operate their own site for a range of reasons including full autonomy over administration functions which could not be afforded to a single group here. Some of the SRL-Execs and SRL members still contribute extensively to the FamilyLawWebGuide here but no longer operate any of their closed business operations from within the infrastructures. I am not sure long term what the intentions are to maintain the public SRL-Resources forums here and that is yet to be fully worked through. The SRL-Resource group admins are separate from the two admins and other moderators on this site.

Site Director
I found them very protective of real information, unwilling to give me example documents for an affidavit of evidence in chief and another document
When documents and information are sent to the site people expect discretion and for their privacy to be maintained. You had been informed that this was one of the main reasons that other peoples affidavits would not be provided to you.

As stated there is no financial gain or benefit to any of the execs whatsoever for what they do and they incur costs and spend a great deal of time in what they do. So the question is often asked. Why do they do it? The reason is that all the execs have been through the Family Law System themselves and have vivid recollections of the difficulty and distress involved. They provide knowledge and advice in an effort to help others through something they know to an extrememly difficult time and try to help avoid the many pitfalls. 

Most people on this site are extrememly appereciative that such a FREE service exisits and are prepared to put in the necessary time and effort to help themselves. When members stomp their feet and make unreasonable demands and inappropriate comments, despite being provided with many hours of assistance, the result should not be a surprise.

"When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside can not hurt you"

Executive of SRL-Resources
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