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Posts split from "The brutal truth about domestic violence"

awesome written article friend & so so spot on * BULLS-EYE* !!   oNCE POLITICAL INTERFERENCE is allowed to seep in to add bile to the already stacked deck…….what is there to do ?

I can vouch first hand here in SA all males are now without a doubt paying the price for the keystone cop like bungling of SAPOL back in 2012/13 when they honestly couldn't have helped a certain homicidal ex husband of a poor middle aged Iranian woman/mother/wife short of sharpening the foot long butcher knife he eventually made good his threat with.

Reading the coroners report of the tragedy & within the first few pages he sets out in graphic step by step detail how this poor genuine victim made attempt after attempt to seek help for her & her kids.

It is tragic to read & try to imagine her very real fear of this evil psychotic abuser.Some takes a complete rereading of parts to be sure it was read right as it would be a movie plot for a complete p*ss take of cops but sadly isn't.Anyhow it reads a who's who nearly of disciplinary actions/reprimands/non promotions & reclassification in ranks throughout many many stations/units/divisions/departments/sections & teams.He is scathing & rightfully so as he demands his many recommendations be actioned which were & are to be.

You can bet your trouser fill that a rocket that huge lit under such a large % of the blue boys would have been demanded that no such similar action is to even come close to repeating…EVER !

Sadly a reputation precedes them here with utter knee-jerk reaction they tend to snap from hyper extension of those knees.
As such I assure you the memo would have come through to ALWAYS act on any future woman's claims of DV no matter how drug addled,credibly lacking,unbelievable a story,suspicious timing or even evidence to disprove the poor schmuck on the wrong end of her wrathful claims may have.

Take it on,hold her hand & give it your all to convince magistrate she is an angelic victim of an evil DV pig & persevere pig pigheadedly,blinkered & unwavering.

Some minor editing

Congratulations you have been awarded the Conan Gold Medal. This medal is awarded to people than whine, whinge, vent, moan, complain and b i t c h about something they have individually or collectively done nothing to remedy. 
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