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Once again the media is making assumptions

With this latest incidence of family violence, the media is asserting that the incidence is due to custody issues, and yet members of both families say it isn't. The only people who DID know what it was about, are no longer here to tell the story. We can assume all we want, but we will never know the truth.

And again, they bring up the case of little Darcy Freeman. Well, hello, what about little Kiesha Weippeart, yep, that's her name, not Abrahams as the mother was referring to her as. Now this is a case where it appears that the mother and her new partner are the perpetrators. But no, the media won't bring that one up, because "women are not violent". Pfft.

WE have the beat up by the media, various organsiations and even some government departments saying that the women and children must be protected from the violent men. Well, just because a child does not have bruises, doesn't mean the child isn't being abused. Being ripped away from the arms of another loving parent IS ABUSE. Using the child as a pawn in the game of the family court and within the realms of collection agency IS ABUSE. It is CHILD ABUSE. Demeaning a parent to a child IS ABUSE.

Abuse does not have to be purely physical.
I know a copper very well - and this is just one of his amazing stories that reflects the bias that is out there against the male gender.

During the course of this guy's duties one evening, he was called to a DV job.  Ends up this bloke had been beaten senseless by his missus ( for about the 5th time) and she tossed him and their kids out into the street.  She was arrested and charged, but because this copper knew that she would make police bail the same evening, he tried to find the bloke and his kids some emergency accommodation, as he genuinely feared for their safety.

Guess what?  Because he wasn't female, no shelter in the greater metropolitan area would take him or his kids in.  They were all sympathetic to his plight, but refused him and his kids a bed for the night.  And they were quite blatant about their reasons too.  In a last desperate attempt, they drove him and his kids to the nearest Salvos sobering-up unit, who did take them in, but they had to sleep amoungst some of societies unfortunates.  And I'm told that this is not an isolated case.

Bet if he'd been a female, this would have been all over the mainstream media within a matter of hours.
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