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No More Patience Left

It is now January and the trial judge promised she would make a decision in late November so that we could organise what schools the children are going to. I have to buy uniforms and school books to which I have none as they are starting secondary school. I have no date as of today so what do I do? There is 3 weeks to go till they start school and I am sure they do not want to arrive naked.

Any Suggestions?
Id say chill on the school uniforms and stuff, you can get them almost on the day and most schools are open the day before. Also Do you know there is planned industrial action in schools on the wednesday and thursday of the first week back… so that will give you a bit more time

On the other thing, i dont know

save the stresses for the things that need stressing over, like the decision, or lack of it


They must find it difficult, those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as the authority

I don't really care about the lack of judgement in one sense as I thought I did so badly in court the decision would have been made so it has given me a bit of hope. I do have 2 children that love organisation and they keep asking why they do not have uniforms. The planned action would not affect their school but it might affect me going back to work.

Is that happening in Queensland? I would love an extra two days holidays, after all we just do not have enough holidays!
Why dont you choose the school you think you will choose, check out the generic colours, go to k-mart or target and buy some generic colour stuff.. keep the reciepts!

You can buy shoes and stuff not as they are also generic black, you can also buy the pens n stuff..

If it will make the kids feel better its an easy option, and you can always get a refund

look for the positives, my final hearing is in 6 weeks and im stressing to the max so i understand your "i didnt do well" comment

its not over till the fat lady sings though


They must find it difficult, those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as the authority

Hey annie you do sound stressed, please know we are all here for you and we are trying to be postive for you. You sound pretty nervous actually.

I hope you find something that relaxes you before you get your judgement, I feel a bit Que Sera, Sera about my upcoming court date. Its not up to me, and we will put up a good fight and stick to what we feel is the best interests of the child involved.

I hit alot of low points before the family report was done, actually my lowest point was on the day before. I hope I cope better after the trial.

All my good thoughts are with you annie.


Han Solo routine "We're all fine here, thanks. How are you?" *weapons fire* "It was a boring conversation anyway!"

Thank you. I hit a low before the family report was done as well so i think that is normal. I just looked on the FMC site and there have been no court sittings as yet in Queensland and when I phoned they said the Judge is on leave.

The children are getting stressed which impacts on me as they know what is going on a little bit as my doctor advised me to tell them something just in case. As there new school uniforms/books are not bought they think its because I think they will live with their dad.

Unfortunately it is a private school so I cannot get anything generic.

I really think its time she makes a decision but family and friends think the longer it takes the better because the kids are nearing a year older and the family report writer did stipulate in court once children are in year 8 they usually make their own decisions. Year 8 is 3 weeks away!

I hope everything is positive with you Monster. I guess you got your court date awhile ago so have had lots of thinking time. I have to say I hate the waiting and have to believe there is a better system out there as this does impact on so many people's lives.

gooner said
its not over till the fat lady sings though

I saw my ex for the first time in 4 years early December. She's put on a lot of weight. :lol:

pariah ;)
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