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Hi Phil,

A little bit of help may be to go infront of the court and ask for an adjournment and a Section 71 - which is court ordered Legal aid.. meaning that even if Legal aid says they wont represent you - as they did me - i sought a section 71 - which is my right- and it was granted… this is because if you are responding to something, or in need to have representation, the court HAS to grant it.

Not to mention the joy you get when you see how frustrated the ex gets!

I have my final court date coming up in the end of march, and in between i have fought off claims of sexual abuse, to both the ex and my children, and an intervention order, which saw me getting arrested due to the ex smacking herself and saying it was me… i was at the zoo with my child at the time

Some separated women think that they can get whatever they want, and will say that "I know that its important for the children to see their father", when really they only want you to suffer.

:offtopic:is a quote an old man told me outside the family court : If you put $2 in a vending machine, and a can of coke comes out.. who does the can of coke belong to? the vending machine? or You?

Regardless.. all the best Phil, wishing you luck,,,

And for those who think, it'll never happen to me

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