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Knocked Up!

This is child support related, need to let off steam

Six years ago my daughter came into my permanent care and I was ordered to seek child support for her.

The X was ordered to pay, she responded by having a one night stand that resulted in a child (currently 5 years of age) who has father unknown on his birth certificate.

As a result of this, the X was released from her liability and has not worked since the birth of that child.

C$A has told me that the mother is not obliged to look for work until the child turns 7; even then she only needs to find 15 hours of paid work per week.

I need to point out she was rewarded with the baby bonus also!

It is that simple!

Now X No 2 is following suit!

I wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience?


Well I've got the experience of now being the "Lives with parent" and with the ex expecting (#3). However I've let her off any CS responsibility.

My reasoning is that my son having whatever contact he can is of prime importance and money issues should not get in the way of that happening. Also it is likely that my wife and I not having to pay the CS and contact costs that were being paid puts us in a better financial position.

I would guess that the ex would also be able to get a reason 1 change of assessment due to contact costs which would negate the small amount of CS that she would be liable for. My taxable income is at least twice what hers would have been and she'd also be able to estimate her income which would be classed as genuinely low (not pps as she's married, but he doesn't work).

None of this though would come across as much consolation for what could easily be seen as a Government sponsored hypocrisy that denies your child the support that the Government says others need. Perhaps there needs to be some form of pay CS later scheme, whereby the Government takes on the support responsibilities which are repaid later, similar to HEX.
Perhaps child support needs to move into an areana like the government reflects when a married couple do not work and it provides assistance for children.

Go away from means testing and into basic support amounts. Whether you earn 50 000 or 500 000 you still have an obligation to pay the same amount.

If the mother then decides to put the child through private schooling or dedicated activities both parents will be responsible for half the costs.

But lets face it if that was to have happened 10 years ago we would already be in a reccession.

More to the point - if this is the norm for women who are not the "Lives with Parent" - then the stats that C$A give us where some 20% of payers are women, must also show that they are the worst payers of child support!

I recall, I think, when Matt Miller appeared for the first time on the Dads On The Air radio show back in 2005, that there was a report available from the CSA that did show that the percentage of mothers who met the "doesn't pay or doesn't pay on time" criteria.

Basically there was a reversal of the percentage of fathers that met the criteria. e.g (I'm unsure of the exact figures) between 30 and 40% of paying fathers met the criteria, whilst 60 to 70% of paying mothers met the criteria. I'm also aware that of the fathers that I know, that are the "Lives with Parent", a very high percentage, like myself, don't pursue child support.

Perhaps Secretary_SPCA would care to ask the responsible minister to provide the latest data with regard to those who meet the criteria of "bad payer" according to gender. It would interesting to see if the new legislation and the move to fathers getting greater levels of care has  an affect in this area.
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