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Ex's new partner has despite the issues in our case tried to represent me as a father hater and that I want to cut the ex out of the kids lives even despite the orders I have requested to the court being more generous than every lawyer says I should be requesting.
Anyway I now find out that this Hypocrite has themselves cut the other parent out of their childrens life by changing the childrens name, changing childrens school, moving house and disconnecting all phone numbers the other parent knew.
She may think of me as she wishes but I know what I really want and I would never be a parent to act in such a manner as she has to cut the other parent out of the kids lives and especially not for the reason being in her own words "I didn't like {children} spending time with {other parent}, it upset me" and half of this I have in writing.
I want kids to still have good contact with ex but be safe, I am nothing like her nor will I ever be.
The old saying people in glass houses shouldn't through stones comes to mind.
Worst thing is heaps of this I have in writing, I am feeling like I should get a PI involved and track the poor guy down and let him know how to reach his children again.
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