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Having a little vent about the CSA

greebo said
I agree with Question! re high earners. What really hacked me off too is that they use the same self support amount regardless of where you live. My husband is UK citizen and has always lived in UK - the self support amount is utterly inadequate to support someone living in UK. When he got his first (maximum) CSA assessment a few years ago, he put ina COA arguing that he couldn't support himself but this was rejected. Basically they said that as he was a very high earner, he was being greedy so tough…… the irony of it is that husband was not actually considered a high earner in the UK!
That's because the whole system , not just the formulas' are manipulated to benefit the CSA, the taxpayer and the mother.

Killing the Goose

When we demand a dad give child support and wife support, then take away his children and home, we kill his soul, his reason for earning, his reason for living, even if it isn't more than he earns or she deserves. When we drive him into a dead-end, he becomes a deadbeat, dead broke or just dead. As a dad's death is forced upon him, with him dies his families soul. - Father and Son Reunion - Dr. Warren Farrell

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