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Guests whigne taken from % of care thoughts

guest said
I must say first that I find it amazing that I read posts which I considered to fit into the rules as stated on this website have been deleted but yet the first reply on this thread is just down right unhelpful and disrespectful. Maybe some deleting needs to be done by a moderator !!

The original post, with the very obvious tirade of anti male hatred, purportedly founded on a single experience, but obviously actually not, deserves to have been deleted as it clearly fits into contravening the rules. However it has been moved to a more appropriate forum and leeway has been given, perhaps too much, but my call is to allow it anyway, as it has the potential for ensuing constructive use (not that other moderators may see otherwise, so it could well end up being deleted). I personally consider that guests comments are a concise reflection of guest's view and according to the request "I would love to hear some thoughts". Guest has provided exactly that and to be honest Finding_it_hard, in trying to Make_it_hard very likely understood exactly what they were doing and purposefully wanted to stir things in order to put forward anti-male material.

If guest had said that the submitter was in fact those things then it would likely have been deleted; as it is it is an opinion and thus, I believe, not wrong. I note, considering your knowledge of other posts being deleted, that you are well aware of Larissap's fusillade of veiled implications of my state of mind (i.e. the clear implications that I'm not of sound mind and am simply an entity that is to be laughed at and used for Larrissap's own enjoyment), yet you don't consider deriding those posts by saying they should be deleted. As such it is quite clear that bias determines your motive for the quoted paragraph. Furthermore, for you to include the paragraph (now removed) in that topic, makes you a hypocrite, as that paragraph serves no help to the topic. I'd suggest that you get a copy of "The Water Babies" by Charles Kingsley, in reading it you'll hear about two ladies who's names are worth considering.

Considering the original post and this book the following may be something that you and others may wish to consider as an aside:

Charles Kingsley in The Water Babies said
How do you know that? Have you been there to see? And if you had been there to see, and had seen none, that would not prove that there were none … And no one has a right to say that no water babies exist till they have seen no water babies existing, which is quite a different thing, mind, from not seeing water babies.
There again perhaps it's just because I'm a nutter that I included that. :)

Now, there is the possibility that guest is in fact being helpful, perhaps the submitter or Finding_it_hard (I assume the former but guest doesn't actually make it clear) are in fact fake or a nutter and that guest's comment makes them aware of their issues and they take action. Guest, can you say with qualification that such an event could not happen? Accordingly, perhaps you could show that you're not a hypocrite and put forward and plausible reason as to how your gripe about deletions could help?
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