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Guest post that is verging off topic and contains some nonsense

Hi bluebell, i'm justine who is also a guest,

Bb said ... It was always our intention that our son would go to this school. That's how he knew about it and not through me getting his hopes up or trying ... Why on earth would I deliberately or callously put a child through more over school fees? ... He's known since before we split up ... ... I most certainly have not acted without giving thought as to what's best for the child. ... ... I am NOT expecting it, merely enquiring. Whatever the legislation on that I'd comply with.

Bb from the words above I have selected and more, I can see why you take offence to what others have said due to they have been inadvertently close to what you say you are not doing.

Earlier you labelled your Ex as The ex remains a hostile bully so my hands are tied.

The way I read your words is you are and have always been whatever you claim your Ex is, remember, for every finger you point you point 3 back at YOU!

Although you tell us your understanding of his wage (this or last years or about 4 years ago, when you were together, you forget Tax and running a second home takes a big part of that, and you don't tell us how often your son spends time with his father (another cost like transport for spends time with and return, reduced work capacity because sibling in care and the like). In short, additional financial burden caused by 2 homes for the child to live in and be a part of that is normally reduced by the single home environment with joint incomes and reduced/sheared expenses.  

My dilemma is that next year my son has been accepted to attend an inner city boys school ... ...however I expecting a "poo" storm from the ex. Here's what I need to know: 1. What happens if my ex will not sign enrolment papers?

Firstly, this is a demand consistent with people who have come to this LUCKY COUNTRY with views of improvement, although not wrong in itself, and is the proper desire of all parents for their children, is wrong when it is the desire of 1 parent over the other.

A.1.   This is dependent on the Orders in place, shared responsibility means, I think if no further Orders sought, your son stays where he is as per your and your Ex's original agreement, law of promise and agreement by existing practice.

Prior start at the NEW School, you claim pursuant to the CCH and CSA case law was the intention, is not demonstrated by starting the child in his present school or there has been a change for the NEW School to now reconsider, like you have moved into the acceptable area of the NEW School.

My cousin is going through the same type of manipulation by his Malaysian partner for her daughter, not his but hers.

COMMON PRACTICE, yes, I personally know of it happening more than to just my cousin and a few friends.

L, you may wish to present you mean well but, to me and you, you are not succeeding are you?
Hence your admission of knowledge and the SP's wrongfully claims to lack of.

Why has your son been accepted if you have not made the application without agreement from your EX, hence I say it is your demand and manipulation, not prior agreement.

Thanks for the judgements people.  

Above to me, is you don't listen but you hear what others are saying, that is, you listen but only hear what suits your direction of though hence the construction of your questions. This is a common practice for the controlling, who need Cognitive thinking help, counselling on their controlling behaviours.

I agree with SP, mediation is the best and cheapest solution, that is if you want your son to go to the other school save the lawyers' fees to pay for the NEW School as per your want and not the childs NEED.
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