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Grandparent denied contact, and the allegation of abuse ploy.

A grandmother denied contact, and her son the father of one of her grandchildren is applying for access to his daughter but his wife has made outrageous allegations of abuse against him.  Although they are all lies the court is making the father answer all allegations and the court case isn't until next March (maybe they know the shared parenting will be rolled back by then).  In the meantime, the father has to do a parenting course before he can start supervised contact with his daughter, for which he has to pay.

The father is so worn down and feeling so helpless and hopeless that his family are worried he will break down or suicide.  The courts show little, if any, consideration for fathers or grandparents; they just believe the lying mother.  McClelland is single focused, and not fit to be this country's Attorney-General.

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.  M K Gandhi
It's important for the father that he takes the time to find support mechanisms to help him.

Tell hims about Dads in Distress and the online forum that is available.

Sometimes just venting can help people especially if it's with others who have been down the same path.

All best D4E
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