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Going off the deep end - Multiple requests met with silence, inaction


Ive asked to have my user name changed, Ive asked to have my account deleted, ive done this on multiple times and told that its being investigated and will be done ..... ive sent follow up emails saying its still not done, when will it be, blah, blah, blah, but now i get no reply and its been ages, do it for crying out loud! I will continue to post if this isnt done, and my posts will begin top break your rules as each week goes by, get me off this site, ban me, but do something.
Teifi, you need to get a hold of yourself, why even bother to post? Surely better to disappear rather than the admin or moderators declaring you an idiot and banning you or was your post confirmation of that?
People on this forum have been belittled in the past for asking 'how do I change my username' to ss bags who think they are all tough behind a keyboard bag them out and say things like learn to read follow this link its that easy well I did follow those links and guess what, 4 emails and month+ suggest its not easy don't get met, whatever my reasons are, are my reasons.

And each time I reply (or you do) hopefully will make them action my request.

Name change, delete account or ban me, do it.

Why don't you just stop logging on?
None of your business… but I have my reasons, and my reasons are as vailid to me as your ridiculous avatar image must be to you…

please action this supposed 'easy' request, well easy according to site own moderators/admin, do it.
I don't action requests, so are you just being stupid and insulting me to get banned?

Boo hoo, you seem like a little child continually sticking their hand in the fire and then complaining its hot. But I will not debate you because my brain still functions.

I do hope you are receiving professional help for whatever ails you.
Haha, im fine, you wont debate me but you feel the need to reply… everytime, and you are a bully accross countless posts to other people too, if they dont put something in some uppity way that pleases you

This site is a joke, I want my request actioned, this isnt hurting me at all, but being nice, writing long posts to moderators where I do explain why im asking for this, etc isnt working, so im giving this a shot

Site moderators have read this, I see by the warning on my profile, and the altering of the title of this post, what im asking for is so simple according to other peoples posts where moderators/other members have replied to them in a condescending fashion about how they are morons and its sooooo easy…. then I ask for it, and it wont happen, why? you put the energy into altering my post name, logging onto my account to give me a warning, but you cant do the simple request that I ask, which probably takes less effort, why? cause you are bullies… or attempting to be in a gutless fashion.

Ive been told by seperate people via whisper on this site and others in person who have used this site of unethical practices, arrogance and bullying type behaviour, passing on information gained in confidence to the other party and the list goes on, if you had actioned my request I would have said ZERO of this, so action it cause I will say more if not. And i care not for me, my case is over, I won and my life is good.

And through these number of replies, the basic request can get lost, I was asking to change my username OR delete my account, do it. (the later is my preference now).
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