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Finding fairness - an endless journey

I have no idea why I've returned to my very, very angry post divorce frame of mind but here I am.

I guess that being denied access to my kids at a time when I would've liked to see them for their birthdays coupled with the struggle to save money due to a huge child support bill and being left with no money and no assets from the property settlement is a recipe for a defeatist attitude.

I struggle to see how it could be considered fair that I lose everything to my ex wife and be slapped with a spousal maintenance bill which I had to borrow money to pay, have threats of police involvement because my ex wanted to keep the upper legal hand, have every single option for extra income refused by CSA as well as being denied time with my kids as a matter of principle. My only option for time with them from this point forward is court because she refused an offer of mediation which means that I'd have to pay for representation thus returning me to a negative bank balance in all but a few hours.

If one single person was responsible for the acts of law that have created this situation, I would destroy them without hesitation or remorse. Slowly.

A man's world it ain't.

End rant.
Hi Sleepy,

I can totally relate to everything your saying. Maybe the Tax law and Accounting rules need to be re written to suit the CSA and SSAT so they can understand them? Better still they need to employ qualifies Accountants in both sectors and maybe the misinterpretations will be corrected. I don't think you even need a qualification to be a CSA case officer?

Seriously, they don't seem to understand that when you have to borrow money it is not a financial resource. It is a laibility!

The system makes the second families poor and not to mention the psycological affects it has on the downtrodden person trying to survive let alone have some decent quality of life.

Keep your chin up and keep hoping for a change.

There are lots more in the same unfortunate situation as us.
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