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Fathers are Humans and Parents Too

Guest you are your own worst enemy, you say:
He has earnt over $100,000 over the last 3 years.  I have earnt less than $60,000 in the last 3 years. Go figure.  I can't understand his rationalisation.

Does this man give a damn about his own sons well being or what I am totally gobsmacked.
You go figure, the father has to start a new life, find a new home, pay for or rent that new home with how many bedrooms for how many children and he?

You have what he worked for, therefore could not be there for your every whim, he was working for your and the children's long term welfare while you were thinking of YOU NOW, YES NOW!

YOU might not like what I say, but you say SO STRONGLY it is all about YOU I feel I have no choice but to say what I say.

Take YOU out of the questions and demands and talk, NOT DEMAND, the father might pay some with what he was going to buy his lunch with, if he can for the next 4 weeks.

The prob is he has cheese sandwiches for lunch because you take the rest, with the children when he sees them.

The prob is he is so disillusioned your words will succeed in causing him to say enough is enough I don't need this and do what I hear you are demanding he does to satisfy your guilt of destroying your family.

I hope and sincerely hope, I am wrong, but your words ring of what I fear.

In short; stop demanding and start talking; he is human and not a dog, are you a human being?

You say he has paid $1,200 each year for the last 5 years, how much has gone on you and how much on the children and how much has gone on you, you claim has gone on the children are the questions the father and all of us fathers are asking?

We see you drink what we can not, we see you have coffee or the like while we are working, we see you spend time with the children after school while we are working, we hear of you watching TV "Days of Our Lives" while we are earning a dollar so you can. How should we feel if we are giving you what you want and you are still b*ching?

Step back and see how you look from our eyes.
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